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Some important things to note about free samples by mail:

-Many times companies will offer the free samples in return for a short survey or questionnaire to get information about you. This helps them gather research about their consumers and help enhance or improve the product after getting the data and feedback from you.

-In the new world of social media, many companies are using the power of Facebook to offer their free samples by mail. You will need to have a Facebook account in order to participate in these types of freebie offers. Companies are finding that its more powerful to their brand to engage users via Facebook.

-Free samples run out and often times fast! Even if a company’s giving out 50,000 free samples, more times than not these will be gone very quickly in a matter of a day or more depending on how good the sample is. So its important to act right away when you see a free sample offer come up on our website or via our newsletter email.

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    They can say its free sign up and everything. But really at the end you going to have to pay the amount of s&h or at least something with the credit card lol.

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  • Susan Gray

    I always fill this out and never get any samples but they say I should get them in 4 to 6 weeks

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