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If you are looking to get free samples by mail, we provide you with access to all the latest freebies available now. Signing up to our free newsletter will enable you to be notified instantly of new samples that are available so you can be assured to get them before they run out. You can also browse through many of the free sample offers on our website here to start requesting them.

===> Get Your Free Samples by Mail by signing up to our free newsletter <===

Signing up to our free newsletter will enable you to be notified instantly of new samples that are available so you can be assured to get them before they run out. You can also browse through many of the free sample offers on our website here to start requesting them.  

Some important things to note about free samples by mail:

    • Many times companies will offer the free samples in return for a short survey or questionnaire to get information about you.  This helps them gather research about their consumers and help enhance or improve the product after getting the data and feedback from you.
    • In the new world of social media, many companies are using the power of Facebook to offer their free samples by mail.  You will need to have a Facebook account in order to participate in these types of freebie offers.   Companies are finding that its more powerful to their brand to engage users via Facebook.
    • Free samples run out and often times fast!  Even if a company is giving out 50,000 free samples, more times than not these will be gone very quickly in a matter of a day or more depending on how good the sample is.  So its important to act right away when you see a free sample offer come up on our website or via our newsletter email.

  • Connie Blumenschein

    Its great to try samples of products before you buy them. Most times I don’t try new products because I don’t know if my family will like them. So thank you for offering them to the public.

  • jean

    great to try before buy

  • Geletha Evans

    I’m ready excited to receive my samples!

  • Geletha Evans

    Thank you for the opportunity I’m excited and I can’t wait to see what

    Samples like it in the mail

  • ashley mobley

    I’m so excited to find out what samples I get thank you.

  • Tina Longo

    Cannot wait to see what I get

  • Tina Longo

    It is a good idea to try something before you buy it.

  • jane thompson

    My first time for freebies. Hope it is as good as hyped.

  • Melissa Mars

    I Needed Samples because I didn’t know what to get and know with samples Its a lot easer to just go to the store and get what you need. Thank You !

  • Sonja

    Can’t wait until I start getting my free samples. Thank you.

  • Grace Crawford

    Looking forward to receiving my free samples.

  • Joseph delacruz

    I will love to get free items in the mail.

  • Cherrie Taylor

    i will like to get free cupons sent my house

  • Ann Taylor

    Can’t wait to start receiving free items.

  • julie

    i lv this stuff it is great getting freebies

  • Clorinda

    Thank you for free samples.

  • Roxanne Chambless

    Its great to try samples of products before you buy them. Most times I don’t try new products because I don’t know if my family will like them. So thank you for offering them to the public

    • edie vedbraaten

      I to like to get free things in the mail because when you buy a regular sized item and your family doesn’t like it, its almost like throwing money out the window. Its to bad that theres not a drop off place and who ever needs something could get these things free. I’m sure if there is someone who’s down on their luck would really appreciate it.

  • Carla

    Looking forward to the free items!!!!!

  • carolyn

    I can’t wait to get my free samples.

  • sheryl

    Cant wait to start getting free stuff what fun!

    • Linda Roberts

      I am in procces of disability on oxygen and have no income and waiting for Social Sucurity to help been waiting a long time and running out of time with having to go to church’s and friends to help with my 130.65 a month bill just to stay alive and I am almost 54yrs old.I woulf appreciate anything I can get.! :-)

  • lorene

    i love to try new things before i buy them

  • pat

    cant wait to start getting my free samples

  • t.j. harlin

    Hopefully there’s Guy Stuff on this site too. Any thang free is Good.

  • cindy blaylock

    thank you for the free samples!

    • Julia Epati


  • Mary Ann Overby

    I love the glade scents, have them all over my home now. Would appreciate any samples. They are the best.

    Mary Ann Overby

  • Patricia Crook

    I need to quit smoking,and can use all the help i can get, pat crook p,s, i am on a limited income,

  • crocitis

    Some of the best items I now buy were because of freebies or coupons. Thanks so much.

  • cynthia rowell

    I AM so happy to find out about all these thing can wait to see it . just wanted to said thank you. cynthia Have a good day!

  • collette

    i am looking forward to the samples!

  • Alicia

    I’m really axnious to get started critiqueing my free samples

  • sherri

    i like getting free stuff in my mail every day it is something different!

  • Mary

    Great Site. Samples are a hobby to me. I can’t wait to start recieving them.

    • Lisa Kimberly Berg

      their great…make good stocking stuffers too

  • kimberly Sistrunk

    how can i get samples and coupons by mail i don’t have access to computer or printer in my home please help i need these things i’m a out of work mother of four i just lost my job i don’t know what to do i’m desperate

    • freebiesfrenzyfreesamples

      Once you sign up to our newsletter on the top right hand side of the site, we will send you all the free samples and freebies that are available now. We also have coupons by mail sources where you don’t need a printer.

      • edie vedbraaten

        We also don’t have a printer and can’t afford one

      • Jamie Blackburn

        how can i get coupons through the mail? Ive used this site for a while, I have signed up but have never seen the option for coupons to be sent personally to me. Only print or digital

  • James Ridgway

    Will be nice to try different items before buying them.

  • Sheila Kaczmarczyk

    I love trying new stuff or improved stuff! Its GREAT!!!

  • Jennifer

    It’ s great to try new things. And it great to get samples in the mail, especially being a family of 5 and on a limited income (Husband got laid off from work and is frantically looking. It’s been hard raising a 7 month old, 21 month old and 3 year old now on my husbands unemployment – just lost my income, but I too am looking for employment now)


    this is a great way to try new or improve things to find out for yourself if they’r any good. In today’s market there is an overhelming amound of new or improve stuff , you don’t know what to choose. i cannot wait to get started.

  • b.todd

    when i go to the store i see so many overwhelming stuff but its either to expencive or my family complains about it so now that i can get free samples is so good cuz it wont take alot out of my pay check!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jacquelyn D. Osby

    I said I look forward to actually receiving my free samples to see if my family likes the products.

  • victoria jarvis

    I don’t have a job and. I’m a single parent. And. We would love to. get. free.stuff. Thank. You

  • Patty

    Love getting freebies…I had received John Frieda coupon-price $12.99-for free to try it…I want coupons like that…

  • Walter A Roberts

    I am trying free samples by mail for the first time. I look for a good union

  • Paulette

    It would be just a delight to receive quality free products in the mail

  • christian o. bonton

    free stuff is great!thanks for this opportunity.

  • Jenny



    It’s great to take try new samples and introduce them into your regular shopping.

    Thanks so much.

  • judy

    would like to try new stuff

  • nancy wages


  • nancy allgood

    free samples =excellent idea. instead of buying reg sizes only to discover that we did not like them is a waste of samples are like sneak prevues. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  • Betty

    It is hard for me to get out of the house so getting samples in mail will be great and if coupons I can perhaps persuede someone to pick up for me but I hate taking advantage. Any how freebies are fun and what I can afford… Really looking forward to them asap.

  • donald


  • rebecca cooley

    i have signed up to this site for free samples how do i get them because i have signed up for alot of them but not samples.

  • jeanie robinson

    your life will be sold to everyone ! And the company dont tell you about these important facts

  • hhrdeh

    Yes, we love free samples , but why do we have to tell you our life story, if your not selling it,, and all of a sudden here comes the phone calls from every toll free number you can think off .We just want free samples , to try if we like it we buy the regular one. In 95% of the sites we have to buy at least one thing if not somehow and out of nowhere what we filled out didn’t work.Please be fair just like you we don’t want to waste time us either.I guess its true when they say you don’t get nothing for free now a days….

    • Lisa Kimberly Berg


    • Veronica

      I agree, it has been making me nervous. Why they “need” to know so much is off-putting.

  • kimberly

    yay free stuff!

  • saki khaoorn

    how long does it take to get the stuff?

    • freebiesfrenzyfreesamples

      Approximately 4-6 weeks depending on the offer.

  • Consuelo Villarreal

    I agree too I’ve signed up too and have not recieved anything either. This is a joke!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lisa Kimberly Berg

      try the freebies at and go to the daily freebie sample.

  • Jo

    I to have signed up for samples and not received anything.

  • Lorianne Holsberg

    I no longer feel this is legit. I have signed up multiple times and nothing has come for two months now. I’m bummed out about this. Must be a ploy to obtain our info only.

  • sunny

    You call yourself “free food samples by mail”, but in order to get them you insist we sign up for a newsleltter. You are coercing us. Don’t do that!! If the samples aren’t free, tell us “free food samples after you sign up for our newsletter and take a bunch of surveys”.. That’s truth in advertising!

  • Immy

    Well, I am going to give it one more shot. I have signed up numerous times on here and many other sites, the only one’s that truly deliver are Walmart, Target and the old Vocal Point. Here hoping for my luck to change!!!

  • Judy Dalbey

    I have signed up and not received anything yet either… this a rip off or what!

  • margaret rossi

    I would love to get free samples for trying a product or doing a survey out items

  • debkim1

    I made the mistake of signing up for this twice before and a few others as well stating the same thing and not One of them ever sent any free samples just a lot of harrasment from those I can only assume they sold my info to.

  • karly

    i love freebies

  • Sarah Marlowe

    Am on a fixed income can use all the samples i can get

  • Karen

    Do people really get these samples in the mail?


    nicole nightingale

  • Terry Dalhart

    I don’t have a computer either! I would love to get free things once in awhile, too! I have entered so many and haven’t gotten anything free, except a coffee cup and an oz. of coffee. I guess I should be lucky. Thank-you for sending out free items!

  • Theresa Stults

    I was wonder how to get stuff in mail grand ma raising grade kids don’t always have access to computers

  • corine

    I dont have a facebook account nor do i want one. What about ppl like me? How can i get samples? Disappointing ????????

  • Mildred Burton

    I would like to try stuff before I buy it.

  • Theresa Stults

    I like all the help I can get

  • j lo

    How do I print the coupons if I get them? Also I have applied for the free stuff everyday and have not got anything in the mail so what I do to make sure that I do and how long does it take to get stuff in the mail please let me know thanks

  • Patricia Page Walker

    Im on disability & only receive only disability for an income . Also just had my rt hip replaced. I’ve been waiting and waiting but still no free samples.

  • Lori

    Never get my free stuff.

  • lois c

    Really needs help like this looking for work 4 childrens and 3 grandchildren and 1 on the way any way you can help with anything is very much appreciated but don’t have a printer or computer been trying for the longest to receive free stuff take all the survey but haven’t receive any free stuff been doing this over 5 months really can use the help thanks nice program God qull bless you all;) Lois c

  • deedee

    I cant wait to get free things

  • baby

    Are u still sending free samples?

  • Nalley Jodi

    I have Ben trying for some time.e now n no luck,what do I need to do to get this..

  • lynn johnston

    I like this It really helps out

  • Marcella Gates

    I would like free samples and coupons mail to me,i dont have a printer

  • lasionica

    has any one even got free samples on here

  • Pamela

    I have been trying for along time to get free samples and free stuff and I have answered everything they asked and still don’t get them (so what’s up why can’t I get them I hear everybody getting them

  • Allyson

    I really would like to get free things im a single mother of two young children they is 4mths nd 1yr boys so how can I join

  • Carrie Morrow

    Yes, , I would love to get samples by mail until my printer gets fixed. I would love to have all the free samples I can get. Thanks for the opportunity. I hope I can get free beauty samples, and growcery samples would be Terrific. Actually all the free samples I can get, would be SO AWSOME. So thanks for the opportunity to get as many as I can.

  • big red


  • michele

    i l f s

  • rebecca capuchino

    MyWDoes any one know where i can get free stuff in the maik not coupons cause i dont have a coupon printer and i just want it threw the mail not by coupon on phone or email i go to my mail box and open it by a key how can i get it sent to me

  • Michelle Sanders-Castlow

    I never know if I’m going to get anything. All the same questions on everything. Jumping from page to page. Never know if I do it right.

  • sasha

    i really need the help and with freebies it will

  • Callie White

    Use a phone to get free stuff

  • Laura Webster

    I love getting free stuff in the mail . I always look forward to getting my stuff.

  • Mackenzye Valentine

    Do the free samples come in make up too

  • Gearldine Miller

    Geraldine Millet

  • Robin

    LOVE to get Free Samples!!!!! :)

  • tee

    Not working and i would love to get free stuff

  • Brittney Giles

    How do you get free samples on here? Do you have to sign up for them or click on a certain thing? Iv already signed up p..

  • Larry

    i need free body wash

    • Texas John

      that’s funny

  • allen ponyboy

    I don’t get it, I’m doing everything that is asked of me and yet nothing. Being a Disabled Veteran and I can’t work. Every little bit would help. But nothing comes. Need a little help understanding what I’m doing wrong. Thanks

  • Patricia SmoothSteppin Brumley

    I would love some freebies thank you!!!

  • mel

    I’m still waiting for my samples, I sign up..two weeks past, still nothing

  • cristine

    I heared a lot about freebies but I do not know if they are still available right now. This is my first time but I would like to try since this is helpful though specially for me who don’t job yet.

  • Mendo-man14

    Want free stuff go here sign up quick and easy ????

    Have a great day

  • Marcia Sylvia

    Still haven’t seen a single sample.

  • Karina

    How Does This Work i Signed Up Already What do i do Next!?

  • karina

    I signed up how does this work!? Help please!

  • vincent mccorkle

    I’m not working and I’m trying to help support my family and I would like to have free stuff

  • kyah

    Has anyone ever got anything yet??

  • natasha

    I followed everything from your email. I subscribed to your newsletter and I still don’t get anything. Very DISAPPOINTING!

  • natasha

    I answered every questions and follow the email and I still don’t get any makeup and cleaning stuff that I follow from your emails. This is such disappointment to people. ;(

  • dalia larrier

    i am from trinidad in the west indies are freebies available to me

  • lena

    How do you know when you actually finished the surveys I always get confused

  • Guest

    Please send samples & coupons. No WiFi at home. Thanks a million!

  • pam shorkey

    love 2 get free samples.



  • Ashley

    Some of these stuff say free shipping, but I don’t see that for the others and I’m close to getting the stuff. If it’s not free shipping I’m just sending it back.

  • Salome

    Hi how can I get free samples? i live in Trinidad and Tobago

  • Pam

    My family likes to try new things all the time but sometiemes they don’t like the product and then the product gets thrown out. So that is why we like free samples