Free Downy Infusion and Unstoppables

by admin on February 4, 2013

Get a sample of the Downy Honey Flower & Shimmer Unstoppables. Infuse your laundry with creamy jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, and sweet rose for an unforgettable sense experience. If you don’t have a P&G account, you will need to create one free.

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To get this particular freebie, you must click on the link above “See More Info” that will direct you to the actual page where you can claim the free offer. We do not provide the freebies directly as we only direct you to them outside of our site. Please note that due to the high demand for most free samples, the quantities are extremely limited. We cannot guarantee that each freebie will be available to you.

Free samples are the best way to take advantage of trying out new products before buying them.

  • Christina McGuire

    Please send me a free sample of the clothes soap

  • JClark

    There is something wrong with the pg page it keeps refreshing while trying to create a account needs to be fixed!!!

  • Toni

    please send me the sample of the day please downy infushion and unstoppables

  • Annette Babb

    I would like a free sample of Downey Infusion and Unstoppables please and thank you .

  • alisa

    please send me a sample also, and thank you

  • Elizabeth J. McGee

    please send me a free sample of Downy Infusion thanks

  • Elizabeth J. McGee

    please send me a free sample of Downy Infusion thanks

  • Se Bo


  • Se Bo


  • Elaine Keene Joseph

    Send me the free Downy Infusion thanks.

  • Dar

    Please send thanks

  • Debbie

    Have tried several times to register for Tide sample. No luck and just is not worth the effort any more.

  • Diana

    Thanks I would like sample of Downy Refresh !

  • Berna

    Please send me a sample; would love to try :)

  • sherry

    Like to try!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!

  • Kathy Laub

    I saw these on TV and would love to try Free Downy Infusion and Unstoppables

  • M Bates

    Have not tried would love to . Please send sample of Free Downy Infusions and Unstoppables. Thanks:)

  • PG

    How do I know if I will get my free sample?



  • Libby

    When I try to create an account it keeps refreshing. It won’t let me get free samples. Fix it please

  • perla

    please send me this sample plase

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