Real Time Pain Relief Rub – Free Sample

by Freebies Frenzy on February 24, 2013


Real Time Pain Relief Rub – Rub On Cream- Free  Sample

FREE Real Time Pain Relief  Rub On Pain Relief Product Sample – Real Time Pain Relief is offering a free sample [more free samples] of their Rub On Pain Relief Product. To get yours, pop over to their website and fill out the form. Check your email and be sure to click on the link to confirm and complete your sample request. Allow two to four weeks for your sample to arrive in your mail.

From Their Site:
Real Time Pain Relief is a Homeopathic formula that has no harmful side effects and works directly at the site of pain, Real Time Pain Relief is known to be effective with pain from:
Simple Back Aches
Muscle Strains
Other Pain Related Symptoms Swelling

Real Time Pain Relief (RTPR) works on three levels at the site of the pain!
Helps Relieve Pain…
Helps Reduce Inflammation…
Helps Revitalize…

Emu Oil… is a fast acting skin penetrating oil. Emu oil is used to reduce the pain & swelling of arthritis, and heal wounds. Emu Oil is an effective anti-inflammatory.
Glucosamine and Chondroitin… are two nutrients that support joint cartilage.
MSM… relieves inflammation, warms the muscles, prevents and relieves soreness and assists healing.
Capsicum…  stimulates circulation, enhances blood flow and reduces Substance P (neurotransmitter for pain)
Aloe Vera…been used topically for thousands of years to treat wounds, skin infections, burns, and numerous other dermatological conditions.
Arnica Montana…  soothe muscles, reduce inflammation and heal wounds. Menthol… stimulating the skin’s cold receptors and producing a refreshing cooling sensation.




REMEMBER OUR LOVELY READERS ….. We do not run these samples, the companies shown do. We only list their promotions. You have to add your address to have it mailed. We try out all of these so they are legit. They do not sell your info, that is in their company info page. Leaving a message saying you want freebies does not get you freebies unfortunately. Giving us your address unfortunately does not get you free samples :)

To get this particular freebie, you must click on the link above “See More Info” that will direct you to the actual page where you can claim the free offer. We do not provide the freebies directly as we only direct you to them outside of our site. Please note that due to the high demand for most free samples, the quantities are extremely limited. We cannot guarantee that each freebie will be available to you. The link may not work in your mobile phone or ipad, so it’s always best to try from a computer.

Free samples are the best way to take advantage of trying out new products before buying them.

  • Annoyed

    I guess this one is not good at actually sending it? Idk because I went to sign up and it says I am already on thier email list so I can’t have it but I have never seen a sample feom them before. Hope whoever else signs up gets theirs.

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