Free Flower Bulbs

by Freebies Frenzy on April 15, 2013



Free Flower Bulbs 
Pick which ones you want, like them, fill out the form, they will arrive.
they are sending out free bulbs because they care for the environment
the way you pick them out is you look through their site and find the flowers you want
on the bottom of each page is a link for you to click to claim that for free. i do not
know if there is a limit
from their site:
“Welcome you to our organizational website. Free Flower Bulbs Worldwide is highly committed to provide flowering bulbs for totally FREE. The intension to provide free flower bulbs is to prevent globe from global warming. Here are the name of some flower bulbs which we are providing are Caladiums, Begonias, Corn Lily, Spider Lily, Callas, Scilla, Tulips, Ranunculus, Ranunculus, Muscari, Iris, Hyacinths, Galanthus, Fritillaria, Eremurus, Daffodils, Crocus, Colchicum, Camassia, Calochortus, Amaryllis, Allium, Freesia, Daylilies, Dahlias, Crocosmia, Cannas, Gladiolus, Tube Rose, etc and not limitted. In near future, we are going to extend our service to Indoor plants and flowering plants also.
 To apply for free flower bulbs, Please visit related flower bulb page and fill-up form following Click Here link available at the top or bottom of the page.
 Your suggestions and any kind of help is mostly welcome. Also you can donate your excess flower bulbs to us.”







REMEMBER OUR LOVELY READERS ….. We do not run these samples, the companies shown do. We only list their promotions. You have to add your address to have it mailed. We try out all of these so they are legit. They do not sell your info, that is in their company info page. Leaving a message saying you want freebies does not get you freebies unfortunately. Giving us your address unfortunately does not get you free samples :)

When you fill out the form, remember to click the boxes before submit that says you agree, you are over 18, if you do or do not want to join their mailing list etc. usually after you hit send it will give you a message with an eta. The “usual” time is between 4-12 weeks. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later. Have Fun!!

  • Guest

    I can’t find anything to take me to get the free flower bulbs.

    • Nan

      It worked for me too.
      Will wait for those bulbs, sure hope they come.

  • aggiegrad

    see click here for freebie above, & then when the next page comes up, like it & click on the flower names on the left hand side of the page. pick one & it will take you to the sign up form from that page, where it says click here on that page. I just did it.

  • cs01

    cant work it. click like but do not get a drop box to pick flower type.
    must not work on most browsers im guessing

  • Megaera Gryphon

    You have to be REALLY patient. I had to click several times to get it to come up (click the name of the flower you want to the left & a new page opens up). Even after you get to that page and order, you may have to submit your “order” several times. I think possibly it’s a really popular page. I took a chance and ordered three different types of bulbs. If I get them, I’ll come back and post letting everyone know I did get my order (or [fingers crossed] orders).

  • carusso707

    Actually had no problem requesting this. Now I am waiting patiently

  • Nila Atkins

    No problem here. Ordered some Freesia bulbs. Hope I get them. :)

  • Connie Green Munson

    i had no problems i am very excited about my free bulbs thank you!!!

  • Linda Hernandez

    I orderd a Freesia bulb. Thery are very pretty hope it comes soon…….

  • Debra Jackson

    it worked for me now, i asked for several, Will see what they send me. You click on the left side, where it has the flowers, on which one you want, it takes you to another page, in red it says click for free bulbs. Do it and then a page comes up for your information.

  • AzGrannie3

    That was so easy…Thank you for the free Tuberose..I’m going to check out what I can grow in AZ heat and order some more.

  • Anita Clifton Mcgovern

    Cant wait to see if I get them. I chose several.

  • chuck scaggs jr.

    thank u for something to make my yard look great !!!

  • rabindra

    Is it still available?

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