FREE Arm and Hammer Sensitive Toothpaste Tube Sample

by Freebies Frenzy on April 30, 2013

FREE Arm and Hammer Sensitive Toothpaste Tube Sample
To get FREE Arm and Hammer Sensitive Toothpaste Tube Sample copy and paste the link below into your browser’s url bar:
source: Rachel Ray Magazine
                ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ REMEMBER OUR LOVELY READERS ….. We do not run these samples, the companies shown do. We only list their promotions. You have to add your address to have it mailed. We try out all of these so they are legit. They do not sell your info, that is in their company info page. Leaving a message saying you want freebies does not get you freebies unfortunately. Giving us your address unfortunately does not get you free samples :) When you fill out the form, remember to click the boxes before submit that says you agree, you are over 18, if you do or do not want to join their mailing list etc. usually after you hit send it will give you a message with an eta. The “usual” time is between 4-12 weeks. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later. Have Fun!! Mobile Users: Any Images In Posts representing the freebie, will be click-able to reach the freebie. If you are using a smart phone the site is best viewed in a browser that utilizes multiple tabs.

  • gina

    I would like the free tooth paste

  • Darlene Thompson

    the link won’t switch to order page

  • MB

    I would love a free sample of the toothpaste.

  • Robin Sanders

    send tooth paste.

  • Genie Betuk Spratley

    I would like a free sample, seem to never get any. Please send tooth paste sample

  • Heidi Hile

    They send u an email to confirm your email address. The link in the email doesn’t work……

  • Jen

    Can I sample please

  • AzGrannie3

    The link doesn’t take you to a free sample…all I’m able to find is a coupon for a $1 off.

  • cindy

    This Absolutely would not work!!!

  • abigail

    does not work

  • grego

    just tried it and worked fine

  • nathalie3700

    It worked for me TY

  • Mely Mel

    I just find that everything you send can not get offer because of not having facebook

  • Tonya Johnson

    It worked for me, however I did not receive the confirmation email. BLAH

  • Brie

    Worked for me. Just copy and paste the address into your browser. Fill out the form, they send you a confirmation email, click the link and it’s confirmed. Easy! Thanks :)

  • Tina Congdon-Burnett

    the link worked great but already received offer.

  • mris

    Did not work 4 me either! Don’t offer if u can’deliver.

  • Cliffa Gaddis

    Add www. And it should work

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