Giveaways, Contests and Sweeps: How to know they are legit, and how to know if a winning letter is real. Part Four

by Freebies Frenzy on May 19, 2013

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Giveaways, Contests and Sweeps: How to know they are legit, and how to know if a winning letter is real. 
Part Four
Well obviously if I was entering a ton, one would think I had to win eventually, right. RIGHT. I started out small, entering maybe 20 a day, then I got good and fast. I used useful tools like the form fillers you have as default on your browser – they help you fill out forms because all you need to do is tab through and hit the first number or letter and it will fill the rest in – very handy. When I couldn’t find anymore in blog rolls I used google.
Because I knew rafflecopter ones usually were linked to blogs I would do things like search for rafflecopter giveaway – and go in and change the timing to “entries in the last week” and go through that way. Using google and the timing option is very handy. I found some sites that were gigantic, and they were all legit contests with forums. My absolute favorite is First thing – they vet all the contests so they are all legit. And, they list things by category, you can sort them by ending soon, or just listed, you can search by prize or type of giveaway – like daily entry, enter once, instant wins, facebook, twitter, etc. You will love that site. They also have a great forum that I learned a lot from. My favorite part was the page where they listed who won what daily. That gave me lots of inspiration to keep playing along with information on how to do it better.
The nature of averages is if you enter a ton of giveaways you are going to hit sometimes. Now of course there is articles and blogs talking about timing and a whole science – its really all luck. If I can go through and enter a hundred sweeps a day, that will take me less than 2 hours a day – do that for 30 days – that’s 3,000 a month. You might win between 1 to 10 that is still awesome. Remember some sweeps go for months so what you enter today might not end and be tallied for another 2 months.

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