Free Green Cleaning Cloth

by admin on July 19, 2013

Get a free sample of the GLEEN company on their offer of a reusable cleaning cloth. Try them instead of those old paper towels or rags you are used to cleaning with. Use the code: E-Cloth

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  • Name

    Tried numerous times to submit information requested, and it comes up error while submitting.

    • fairymist40

      same thing happened to me as well. this is becoming a pain in the neck to keep trying to get the freebies filling out the info and then get through it all to get a dog gone message Error why does this keep happening daily? Same thing happened with the free on the go speakers from malboro? I am a member there and they have NO CLUE what I am talking about.

      • AzGrannie3

        Try going into your control panel and deleting your cookies/cache…it will free up a lot of space and will make sites like these work much better. If you do that once a week you’ll notice a big difference when going to these types of sites.

  • Kimberly

    This worked fine for me, they give you the code to use which is


    not sure why you would have problems unless maybe you’re doing this from a phone perhaps?

  • AzGrannie3

    Worked fine for me too…rec’d a confirmation email back immediately! For those of you having’s not this site, it’s your computers. Try going in and deleting your cookies/caches…this will help you alot. Do that regularly and you’ll be surprised how much easier these sites are to work with.

  • christy

    Awesome thanks.

  • sueblue04

    Iam from Va I love free stuff

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