FREE Murad Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum Sample

by Freebies Frenzy on September 4, 2013

FREE Murad Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum Sample Get a FREE Murad Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum Sample Copy and paste the following link into your web browser to access these samples: murad           ~*~

REMEMBER OUR LOVELY READERS ….. We do not run these samples, the companies shown do. We only list their promotions. You have to add your address to have it mailed. We try out all of these so they are legit. They do not sell your info, that is in their company info page. Leaving a message saying you want freebies does not get you freebies unfortunately. Giving us your address unfortunately does not get you free samples :) When you fill out the form, remember to click the boxes before submit that says you agree, you are over 18, if you do or do not want to join their mailing list etc. usually after you hit send it will give you a message with an eta. The “usual” time is between 4-12 weeks. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later. Have Fun!! Mobile Users: Any Images In Posts representing the freebie, will be click-able to reach the freebie. If you are using a smart phone the site is best viewed in a browser that utilizes multiple tabs. ~*~

  • sdchargers13

    Samples are no longer available. You have to be quick – lol!

    • Diane Huff

      I love the San Diego Chargers, too!!! GO BOLTS!!!
      I grew up in SD!!
      I received my Murad Age Spot Serum in my mailbox yesterday right on time–2 weeks, quick compared to most free samples. Did you “copy & paste” into your browser

  • hlucy

    don’t know if you are not quick enough or they just say so….

  • BLM

    second time I’ve tried this “give away” and they are out of samples but they try to get you to spend $15 on some anyway! Kind of sketchy if you ask me. #disappointed

  • Guest

    theres not even a fill in page

  • Abby Mercado

    theres not even a fill in page they just want you to like and share

    • Diane Huff

      Did you “copy & paste” into your browser like they said? I found the fill in page and received my free sample of Murad yesterday in the mail right on time. 2 weeks after entering my info. FreebiesFrenzy is a great site. Get lots of free samples from here. (y)

  • Lisa

    gone & wtheck..most ‘freebies’ direct me to other sites. ALL they want are LIKE/Shares & DON’T forget—their ‘five-star’ reviews! (oops ditto to Abby!!) I have yet 2 GET a freebie IN here, much less via snail mail!! Bunch of gobbly-d-guke! but, manners, thank you anyhow!

    • Lisa

      I can GET to wal mart samples myself, clicked on that link & WOW what a trip! 😀

    • Diane Huff

      I’ve received LOTS of freebies from this site!! Takes from 4-6 weeks, sometimes much faster, sometimes soooo slow.
      Never seen a “copy & paste” offer before. Guess I’ll see what happens….:-)

    • Diane Huff

      Guess what I got in the Snail Mail yesterday? Yep, The Murad Rapid Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum. Right on time!! They said 2 weeks, Right On!!!
      FreebiesFrenzy’s sites have almost Always come through!!
      It’s the only site I use now. They notifiy me about 4-6 items twice a day, which I can choose to look at IF I’m interested.
      Great site!!

  • Diane Huff

    I had NO PROBLEMS with this Murad offer!!! Did you “copy and paste” like the instructions said? Went right to the fill in page, hit “submit”, went right to the THANK YOU page and said to allow 2 weeks for delivery!!!
    What’s the problem??!!
    Are we talking about the same freebie offer?

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