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  • Shirley

    Why do you have to jump through hoops to get free samples?

  • Kathy

    I agree with Shirley. Free should be free, not sign up for this or that.

  • Norma

    I hope I do not get a lot of garbage and literature over my phone as I do not talk to sales people on the phone.

  • Norma

    If you make it hard to get FREE samples I will stop this right away.

  • Linda Seagraves

    I agree with others that if you offer something for free than that should be free not sign up for this and it is free wasting my time and yours. If I have to sign up for something I do not want than it is not worth it to me.

  • Belinda

    I agree with everyone else. Your Ad says free not if you do this it is free. I am disabled and cannot afford anything else,…FREE would be a God send.

  • crissy

    some of the links do not work right

  • Mary


  • ladyj

    am new i love free samples

  • Vera Dulaney

    I’ll comment after I actually get the freebies.

  • Susan Schoff

    link not working :(

  • Cindy Feil-Broyles

    im wanting free samples….

  • Pam Houser

    Have tried for quite a while to get my freebies…they never show up.

  • Suzie Q

    I am sure that my e-mail now will be flooded with different sponsors!!! I really hop this was worth the time and effort I spent on signing up for freebies!!!!!

  • ripowers40

    I never receive my free samples! What gives?

  • Rene’ Anderson

    I love going to the mailbox now…When I know I’ve got mail I get excited because I just might have another free item waiting…Thank You lots. Rene’

    • Lindsay Wright

      so u get themn


        yeah i guess she would…..if she went to the mailbox… be cool… she loves getting free stuff.. i do too…… dork……

  • geri

    just signed up web site would not finish the questionare

  • Rhonda

    I’ve been requesting and actually receiving free samples for about 2 years now. This is such a great way to make finances work a little better and to use new products before buying them.

    • Moni

      Thats good feedback, ive been a bit secpitcal about this because its a lot of things to do in hope you get free stuff or samples

  • kris

    I’ll comment after I actually get the freebies.

  • Sherry Hiester

    loving it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oxoxoxox

  • jane

    i love free samples. Alot! Thank-You

  • brittany

    I have signed up 3 times now and still have not revived any freebies… really disappointed.

    • Brenda Pelletier

      this is what u’m afraid of,waste of time,well we’ll see for me.

  • KatieRose

    I’m hooked on freebies!!!!!!

  • Rebecca

    I’ve been a free sample addict for years now :)

  • Gerry

    every time i apply for free stuff they want my mobile phone i do not have one so i cannot finish the application

    • Debbie

      Put in a random number. That’s what I always do.

  • Cathy Muncy

    love all free samples , Thank You!

  • Robin Kauffman

    love those free samples, thank you

  • TROL


  • Debbie

    I just signed up – they better follow thru – I wasn’t asked for my mobile phone tho



  • Catherine F

    I can’t wait to get my first Freebies!

  • Amanda Shaffer

    I can’t wait to get a toothbrush as my first freebie!! Hoping for lots more to come…all smiles:)

  • Deb

    I love this site. There’s always something I can use. Thank you.

  • Dorothy Skinner

    just started waitting to see my new things

  • pamela Menning

    Im not sure if I did this right, when can I expect something or when will I know if I did not do it right

  • kinda lame

    yay ? lol havent got anything yet ..


    When can i expect my free samples

  • Amanda Stewart

    got my frist free samples and coupons cant wait for more

  • wilma hugg

    This is great! I’m so excited to check my mailbox now. It’s good to try free sample before buying the products. I’d like to have some coupons too and so witn my presciption discount. Thanks a lot.

  • greenshine82


  • caityd

    waiting to see what I get

  • Brenda

    How do you know what a product can do if you don’t try them. Love this chance to try them.

  • Pamela

    Would love to receive free samples in the mail as promised. Most of the offers are bogus.



  • angela

    i have signed up a few months ago and im still waiting for a free sample. is everyone getting theres? how long does it take for them to start coming?

  • Mee-Hye Elizabeth Cunningham

    I love it

  • sheila newcamp

    cant wait 2 get my freebies

  • Sarah

    Why all the questions before you get freebies?



  • Purplegoaliemom

    We love samples, we use them when we go camping or road trips etc…. This is good

  • glochat

    Thanks for the freebies, looking forward.

  • Elizabeth C Subia

    I will waiting for my samples

  • Donna Ebeling

    You are impossible! I have entered my correct mailing address 5 times and you still will not accept. I don’t think you are legimant.

  • Nell

    Looking forward to getting free samples

  • Michael Bortz

    yes where are the samples?????????????????????????

  • Cordell Karen

    i canit wait until i get my first freebies

  • Gail Renee Gilmer

    I can’t wait to get my first freebies

  • Micheal

    Can’t wait for freebies!

  • brenda

    can not wait to get my stuff

  • maggieinman

    cant wait to try my freebies on me precious baby boy

  • patty

    This is my first time tryin this out so far i love
    It savez me a little money on thingz i do use
    Have a great day peepz.

  • Vera Macias

    I’m a Senior so anything free helps.

  • Eddie Shelton

    I know this is ALL true,they can`t put anything on the Internet that isn`t true!!!! Judgement reserved.

  • deborah

    can’t wait to get started getting free stuff

  • Laura Oehlert

    I would love to received all your free samples in the mail. Thank you!

  • Constance Faulkner

    I would love to get and stay on the mailing list rather than having to keep going through all the questions. Just send me the samples so I can try them, please. My daughter is in college, so my mother and I are always putting care packages together for her. Many of the samples go to my daughter. She never knows what she’s going to get – so she loves it.

  • Kt Marie Edwards

    My mom and I love going to the mailbox and getting samples. I’m off to college soon and they will come in handy.

  • ladydi

    thanks for my freebies

  • Velva

    I sure would like to receive free samples…Thank

  • Gary Duncan

    Nuttin’s better than FREE

  • Holly Jozefowicz

    I love freebies

  • bariejay

    thank you im excited to recieve your FREEBEES….

  • tara

    thank you for my freebies

  • Toni Caruso


  • Evelyn Frye

    love my freebes

  • Mar

    Anxious to see what free things I get

  • hipsue

    so excited to start with a wonderful program, Thank you for everything I am a senior on a fixed income and this helps so much

  • Kathryn Bennett Scoggins

    I am recently widowed & on a fixed income, so I hope this is everything you & the testimonials say it is. If so, then thank you in advance.

  • patty

    not sure of this, have yet to receive anything. I think this is a joke

  • Rhonda

    I’ve tried many times for freebies and haven’t seen any yet..

    • Lynn

      I Think this is a joke yet to find out

  • April Vasquez

    I can’t waittttt<<<<<<<<<<<<

  • harvey

    free is always good


    thanks i am looking forward to see my free freebies

  • bhess1003

    Love your site!! Thank you so much for all of your hard work!!

  • selena

    at last ,something really free

  • Teresa Hicks


  • Sandra VanFredenberg

    please just send my products and don’t bother me with more opportunities. Thank you..

  • glenda


  • mealica harley

    This is good for me and my family,I love saving money

  • darlene

    new to this and i cant to get my freebies.anything helps

  • Caren Treadway

    Have gotten freebies before, they are not a joke

    • Sadie

      Do they pay you to say that Caren or do you get more free samples??

  • burhani


  • carolyn

    Again, I say, this is soooo confusing to deal with. Fill out this; that ; and this, over and over. Still no free things. This is the second time I signed up and will most likely be the second time I unsubscribe!!!!!

    • Christine

      don’t feel bad I have signed up 6 times since March And still no free stuff for me.

  • Kathy Fleming

    omg, I jumped though hoops to get the Tide pod samples, but no dice, the sample links don’t work anymore

  • Elvis P.

    I am a Senior++ & I can not wait to get to my mailbox & find my Freebies waiting for me!!

  • Ana

    I have sign up but never received anything in the mail.

  • sandy

    I am on disabilaty so would take all give aways available.

  • sandy

    I really hope this is true. My check is gone immediately and I could use anything. I signed up before and never received anything. Im trying one more time. Please be honest with us all.

  • barb

    just joined and I am excited about it!

  • Stephanie Collins

    cant wait

  • ann

    has anyone received anything

    • Steve

      Not yet, still waiting….

  • rhonda

    o boy cant wait to get my freebies

  • bambi

    I think is not not a joke.

  • barbie

    I have heard so much about samples,can’t wait! Hope it is not a JOKE.

  • Wilma Howard

    hope this works i can use it i am disable

  • Rosemary Headley

    I get freebies all the time!

  • jamie

    Nothing is free,we all just put in at least 1 hour of work for maybe some free stuff.We will see!

  • Lindsay Wright

    do u reaiiy get the free stuff

    • Sadie

      Good question Lindsay…Don’t you sometimes wonder that it’s just a ploy? Who gives away anything for nothing in this world today? Think about it, when you need air in your tires & drive into a gas station is the air free, noooooooo!

      • JLee

        Air is free where I live…

      • Free4Free

        If you go to QT the air is FREE!!!

  • Frances Carpenter

    Thanks for the offer

  • kristy

    I have a large family and very low income! So this will come in handy of getting free samples of products instead of wasting money on products that don’t work out! God bless these companies!

  • Linda

    I got a free sample of sweetner today, i’m eager to try it out in the bean’s Thanks’!

  • Michael Fair

    thank you

  • Sheryl

    I have not received anything at all not has been 3 months

  • Sherrie Grant

    I signed up a few months ago. They do tell you it takes 6 to 8 weeks for delivery. I have recieved a few things. A couple of stip perfumes, Coupons and a Vitamin. They are real, it just takes a little time to get them in the mail. I read a response earlier that questions if that person is paid to say that or if they get more freebies. I have not been paid and the freebies are the one’s I get from reading my emails daily.

  • Frank Hornsby

    TK You for FREE bies .!!

  • Donnie

    I,m still waiting. Losing hope.



  • patricia

    thanks for having services that help with the cost of having something free or at a discount…!!

  • Marissa

    I have been doing this a couple months and have gotten a couple free items (razor& dish soap). It is sometimes a hassle filling out forms or being sent to a site to find its expired. All this website does is gather all the links to other websites offering the free items. They aren’t the ones sending out the goods just doing the foot work for us. For what its worth (free) i think its worth the few minutes I take signing up for the items.

  • Comfort5

    Hope this works. I fill out a lot of forms but haven’t seen much….

  • Carol

    I love getting free samples, but it takes to long to answer all these questions. I don’t like it. Then I don’t get good samples to chose from??

  • Dennis Stith

    I want 2 tell you to try this site……

  • Myrna Cruz

    thank u lord for your blessing

  • Julia Ballman

    I am a grandmother, and every little bit helps.

  • jeff

    very kin

  • simon

    anything free helps

  • bev

    How do you get to step 5 there is no way to complete stop 4

  • Judy Hubbes

    just started – does this really work?

  • Kim

    I just tried getting my tide pods for free but the website kept blinking, so of course I believe it’s ANOTHER GIMIC

  • Helena E. Ulmer

    I keep singing up and dont receive anything in the mail free. what must you do to start getting things??? I have filled out just about every thing even on Facebook. just think these sights want is information.

  • Lori Kemer

    If you want to save money at the stores you can go to Krazy Coupon Lady . com website and sign up. Every day she will send you an email letting you know what stores you can get products at for pennies on the dollar. She tells you what coupons to use and where to get the coupons. You can get $100 of merchandise for $10 or $20 dollars. I have been doing this for a few months now. It is a little time consuming but well worth the time.