Freebie Photo Week 13

This week marks the best freebies to date as the most impressive one that showed up was the free $25 American Express gift card. In celebration of Small Business Day on November 24th, FedEx and American Express ran a special where they were giving away thousands of $25 gift cards to be used at any merchant that accepts American Express. We will plan on using this at a small business on November 24th in appreciation of the great promotion!

We also received four Airborne samples which can be used as a healthy defense when you are traveling in tight spaces with many other people. The Bear Naked cereal was also a great freebie that looks delicious! Four samples of free K-Cups came in the mail from Green Mountain coffee which are always good freebies. Finally, we got two issues of ESPN the magazine. Overall, a great week of free samples and probably the best of the year!

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