Free Can of Massel Better Bouillon

Do you have a favorite recipe you make with Massel Bouillon or gravy? If you do, share it and you can get a free can of Massel Better Bouillon if you are the first 100 to submit one. Plus you can win a Cuisinart Soup Maker as well.

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  1. Charlotte Marie Whitehead
  2. Patti Wilder
  3. emmma hildreth
  4. Jaimay7
  5. Courtney
  6. Franessa
  7. Sara A. VanWormer
  8. Lori McPherson
  9. Jennifer Black
  10. crazydanny
  11. mixhelle
  12. Michelle McClain
  13. wendeewill
  14. Pam Smith
  15. Louise Johnson
  16. Jennifer Lynn Reynolds
  17. Louise Johnson

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