Freebie Photo Week 19

Posted 6 years ago

WOW, what a great week of free stuff we got in the mail! Who couldn’t use any of these free products we received and some of the highlights were the Venus Breeze Spa Razor and Lysol no touch air freshener.

Seattle’s Best sent us some free coffee and it will go well with the Truvia sweetener packs we got. Finally we got some more L’Oreal product along with cabinet safety locks that will keep little ones out of cabinets they shouldn’t belong into! :-)

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  • denise

    That’s great.

  • yvonne reed

    please mail my freebies to me thank you

  • mary chavez

    I don’t know how many times I’ve registered for my freebies and to date I haven’t received anything. What does a person need to do to get them? I’m beginning to think this isn’t true
    and people are just acting as posers and saying they got thiers.

  • cindy

    Mary, my sister and I order the same freebies. sometimes she gets hers. sometimes I get mine.

  • Joyce

    I sure like to try some sample,that ive not had befor .

  • Loretta

    Got cabinet safety locks razor couldn’t get on line for it

  • Dawn Smith

    I would like some plz

  • Misty Willis

    i love freebiesfrenzy! i would like to have this basket of freebies!

  • wynne dennis

    I would love to fun anything I like this freebies frenzy site

  • 2ww21


  • Kaci Parson

    I usually get my samples. Some times I don’t receive some of my samples for months after I fill out the forms.

  • Marie

    Sure hope i receive mine first time trying.