A Mother of Triplets Was About to End Her Pregnancy but then THIS happened…

(Photo: Triplets Sebastien, Sophë and Sidney while still in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). They appear in the order of their birth. Photo from thewitnessonline.org.)

An Oregon pregnant woman of triplets was looking for someone to adopt her babies as she was unable to care for all of them. She was part of a prayer group at a Christian clinic in Oregon trying to weigh out all her options. There were volunteers that would be willing to adopt one of the children, but no one wanted to take on the task of adopting all three. The pastor of the prayer group was hoping for a hail mary as she had her daughter turn to Facebook asking for help in looking for anyone that would adopt all three babies.

In Iowa, a 35 year old attorney named Cari was scrolling through her Facebook newsfeed and the post about adopting the three babies caught her attention and she private messaged the friend asking for more details. Cari found out the pregnant woman was going to have an abortion if she couldn’t find someone to adopt all three of the children together. So she put her name on the list about willing to adopt all three, but then put the process on hold as she thought and talked everything through with her husband. Cari eventually thought that someone else would take the children. However, she got a call from the pregnant mother indicating that she was going to terminate the pregnancy the next day if they wouldn’t take all three children.

It was that night that Cari and her husband’s life would be changed forever as they agreed to take all three children. They couldn’t think of a reason not to take the children, so they followed through and proceeded with the process. They prepared themselves for parenthood and stocked up on baby supplies and continued to be in touch with the pregnant mother. They received ultrasound photos and were kept up to date on how the pregnancy was progressing. Suddenly at 30 weeks along, Cari received a text from the mother indicating that she was going into emergency delivery. The triplets were born on January 7th, 2016. Two boys and one girl were born premature and very tiny weighing in at just over 3 pounds each, but all were healthy.

Cari made the trip out to Oregon to see her new little boys Sidney and Sebastien, along with their sister Sophe-Elizabeth just a few days after they were born. She made two trips out west before they could be discharged from the hospital to see their new family additions. In mid February her husband and Cari were finally able to bring the babies back home to Iowa but they were so tiny that they couldn’t fly on a plane or sit in a car seat for more than an hour and half at a time. So they came up with the idea to take an Amtrak train with a sleeper car room back to Iowa. The triplets were the hit of the train.

It wasn’t all dandy though when they got back home as they faced legal challenges and didn’t know if the adoption was going to actually go through. One of the next steps for Cari and her husband was to get the triplets baptized at their parish in Iowa. Typically in the Catholic Church, baptisms are not scheduled during the Lent season. However, because of special circumstances and some of the legal challenges that Cari and her husband had faced during the process, they leaned on faith to get them through this and ultimately the parish allowed them to be baptized on Easter. Not only is that special in itself, but Cari was also baptized when she was about 16 years old on Easter.

In about a few weeks, they will have full legal guardianship of the triplets. As the new parents are settling into their roles, Cari mentioned that it hasn’t been as overwhelming as she thought. Her and her husband basically run an assembly line when they need diaper changes, feedings, etc. They prepared for the worst, but haven’t had any freak out moments just yet. She did say, it could be coming the day the triplets begin mobility as that will outnumber them.

It was a Facebook post that Cari responded to that not only changed their lives forever but saved three children. She said that it wasn’t exactly in their plan, this just happened, and the triplets found them. It all just fell in their laps and it makes them fell the more that all if this was really meant to be.

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