Win $125 From Sugar Refund – ends 2/29

Enter to Win $125 Cash From the Sugar Refund – Enter Daily – ends 2/29

Enter our Sugar Refund Sweepstakes
for a chance to win your $125 back.
We choose and notify a winner every month.
The Sweepstakes offers ONE $125 cash prize.
Why a sugar refund?
The federal government strictly controls the production, marketing, import, and sale of sugar in the US. This guarantees the Big Sugar industry makes a huge profit.
The program shuts out small farmers from the sugar market and costs American families extra money every year in higher grocery prices and taxes – just to line the pockets of Big Sugar.
This program is outdated, unfair, and costs YOU money.
We want to get the word out to the public that now is the time to take back what’s yours.
Enter to win the Sugar Refund Sweepstakes each month and get involved in the fight to get that money back once and for all.
*This number represents the increased cost to consumers as a result of taxes, higher grocery prices and overall economic burden caused by the federal sugar program.
The Sweepstakes is sponsored by Independent Bakers Association in DC.
sugar refund

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