FREE Peanut Free Plant Protein & Omega-3 WOWButter 

If you are allergic to peanut you will love the FREE Peanut Free Plant Protein & Omega-3 WOWButter 

From our family to yours…WOWBUTTER sample request
You will receive two 0.56oz (16g) single serve WOWBUTTER samples as shown in image – in an envelope with a small information insert.
To get this free sample – understand they are a small mom and pop company that makes an incredible and much needed product! Just give them a call and request a promotional code for the freebie! You put the code on the online form. Call the automated line at: 1-866-296-6081 to obtain a promotional code to get a sample.
If they get too many requests in a day they sometimes direct users to a paypal page to help pay for shipping. You can try the next day if you like – they offer free with free shipping every day until they hit their limit.
Samples may take up to 6 weeks to receive from the company – they try to send them out as quickly as they can.
Peanut Free Plant Protein

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