From Instagc – Earn FREE $5 Starbucks Gift Cards & More!

You can earn free gift cards, including Starbucks, in amounts of $2 and above, from InstaGC.

Sign up and Earn FREE Cash & Gift cards from InstaGC! Complete offers to earn points and redeem your points to receive instant free gift cards.
You get 10 FREE points just for joining and you can get instant free gift cards for just 100 points. You can also get cash via direct deposit and PayPal. No limit to the amount you can receive. And they start as low as $2 for gift cards like Amazon. The most popular gift card is for Starbucks.
Quick and Easy Ways to Earn on InstaGC:
  • Answer Surveys: There are daily surveys that reset every 24 hours. Access these by clicking the “Earn” tab, selecting “Recommended” from the drop-down menu, clicking the instaGC banner and change the category to “Daily”.
  • Listen to Music: Earn points for listening to the radio. After each 30 minutes of listening, you will have to enter in a code. Once entered, you will earn 3 points. You can listen and repeat the process as long as you want.
  • Visit Sites: Receive points by visiting and browsing websites. Most reset each day (around midnight EDT) so check back then to re-do them.
  • Click “Earn”, “Recommended” then “Clicks”.
  • Watch Videos: Receive points by watching videos. Several videos can be repeated multiple times.
  • Tasks: Receive points by completing tasks.
  • Booster Codes: Booster codes (aka bonus points) are given out randomly and expire quickly. We’ll post them here when available.
  • Click “Redeem”, select “Point Booster Code” from the drop-down then enter your code and click “Redeem”.
Follow the link below to sign up. Make sure you check your email and verify your account to get it started. With minimal work you can easily earn cash and gift cards weekly. I have used this site for 8 years, it is one of the oldest and best reviewed sites. It is also one of the easiest and fastest. Have Fun!

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Thank you from the Freebies Frenzy team!