Get a Free all natural shampoo bar made of craft Amber Island IPA beer from the Conroe Brewery, composed of all natural ingredients including shea butter and avocado! Help clean and feed your hair with shine, bounce and calming essential oils!

I know … don’t scrunch your face up just yet. Don’t forget, all of us for years used the beer rinse beauty hack to give shine and fullness to our hair. This is purely ingenious and shampoo bars in general are the way of the future.
These solid shampoo bars from Conroe Brewery are made from their Amber Island IPA craft beer, shea butter, olive oil, castor oil, avocado, jojoba, and geranium essential oil. Sounds good right! And in bar form they last so much longer.
They are giving away a free small sample. I’m guessing the size of a hotel bar soap … which for a shampoo bar can still last weeks if you use it daily. So it’s a generous sample!
This offer is while supplies last and at the time of listing this they are not asking for shipping costs. They are limiting one per person/household. They mail the samples within 2-3 weeks during “normal” conditions – so give them a few more weeks due to what’s going on lately.
Follow the link below and fill out your address contact info. Make sure to check your email in case they need extra info or to let you know of shipping times.

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