FREE Charmin Roll Extender

Get a FREE Charmin roll extender spindle, for larger bathroom tissue rolls.

Yes, I know what you are thinking … who needs this when you can’t even find bathroom tissue. Fear not … I am confident that will all become normal again.
Ironically, the issue with empty shelves for bathroom tissue isn’t entirely due to hoarders … it is because we are all home now. So the huge commercial tissue industry is collecting dust and they can’t keep up creating home bathroom tissue fast enough. Sheesh.  So … these might come in handy if you have to buy commercial larger rolls – right?
These are actually really great. This freebie has been around a while and I got mine ages ago. Threw it in my kitchen “junk drawer” for use when needed. And it does help when you buy packs of thicker tissues. And fits any spindle.
To get a FREE Charmin Roll Extender (or spindle) for mega rolls – you can fill out the form OR you can call 1-800-777-1410 and select the options for the free Charmin Extender!  Then leave a message with your name and mailing address. The entire call is automated, so there’s no need to speak with anyone.
charmin roll extender

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