NEW April 2020 – We Have Grocery Coupons on Freebies Frenzy Now! Print & E-Coupons!

Guess what – Freebies Frenzy now has full grocery coupons – both printing and e- clipping in-site ability from Coupons dot com!

You can now use our site to either load your digital grocery coupons or print physical ones from – right on our main site without having to leave it.
How is this possible? Well, their entire site hangs out in it’s own frame on their own designated page on our site. This makes life so much easier for you … you can now go through the grocery coupons and load and/or print them and don’t have to leave our site to do it. It’s fast, easy, accessible …. and another way to save money which is what we area ll about.
The good news about grocery coupons these days … they are no longer just the one way to use them. So if you venture out, safely remaining quarantined distanced with face masks of course, to your local market or have groceries delivered – you can use this feature.
These coupons work as loaded electronic e-coupons and as the usual “click and print” coupons to use in-store.
It is important to know that each printer has a code that shows up on printable coupons to sway fraudulent use by printing 500 copies of the same coupon. Sorry – can’t do that. You do have the ability to print 2 copies of each coupon and have full permission to do so. And while printing you can set it up to print multiple coupons per sheet to save paper.
My favorite way to use these though is the app/log-in version – which can be used inside the coupons page. You log in and set up all your local markets and put the info in for your store loyalty cards. You can then click on coupons and “load to loyalty cards” options. And load them to more than one store card. That way if you decide to get it at store B instead of store A you still get your money off.
Pro Tip: 
For items you know you will likely get soon – I pull up a note program on my phone and make a note that I have a coupon (be it digital or print) and also make note of important info. Like it is expiring soon, or you need to purchase (2) or (3) of an item to get the money off.
Nothing hurts more than thinking YES I got such a deal …. and then later realizing doh I needed to grab 2 of those things for the coupon to work UGH! We all go through it.
And If you keep a list of definite favorite items or brands that you have a coupon for etc …. then when you check out weekly sales to plan your shopping you can easily pull that up and/or pull up your coupons app – and see which ones easily go with sale items to save the most money!
Coupon Mashups:
If you are new to terms like “coupon mashup” – what those are is as follows … you use info on what is on sale, what available coupons you have, and what rebates/cash-back offers via receipt and rebate apps you can use after the face to get even more money back. And it may seem confusing but it is a lot easier than one thinks. And just taking the few minutes to peruse your coupons, local circulars, and apps that offer refunds and money back – all give you the info you need to save tons of money and utilize all these extra ways to save money and even make money back!
grocery coupons

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Thank you from the Freebies Frenzy team!