FREE $5 Cash From Earny + Cash Back for Things You Have Already Purchased! 20% Cash Back on Past Purchases! Earny App & Chrome Extension! 

Earn up to 20% Cash Back on things you have already purchased through Earny App & Chrome Extension + a $5 Cash Sign Up Bonus!

It’s easy and FREE to sign up for Earny! They are a price protection cash refund App. Meaning, in short, prices drop all the time even daily. So if you purchase something and the price drops – Earny searches for that and then gets you that cash refund on price difference between what you already paid from a previous sale to what the new price is! Like getting a sale rebate.
They primarily do this through your linked Amazon account along with securely safe linked credit cards and bank cards.
Earny offers a FREE version along with a Paid version. The Paid version is the same as the FREE with the added bonus of higher cash back up to 20%. It used to cost $7.99 a month which is high – and they thought so too so they dropped it to $1.66 a month for the optional (not required) Paid version of the service. They bill it as $20 a year. Which is really really cheap and worth doing in case the price change is temporary and  you can lock into it along with future renewals also locked into the super cheap rate. But again, the App/Extension is totally free and works free so the paid part is only optional and gives you some huge perks for picking it.
One of the many reasons this App/Extension is so awesome is we can consider it “passive income” due to it being a Chrome Extension along with an App! So after you spend the whole 3 minutes setting it up on your browser and creating the account, making sure all the info in your account is correct yadda yadda yadda … that is it. It does it’s thing and you don’t have to manually go through to do all the footwork to get the cash refunds!
When you sign up for Earny you will get a $5 Cash Bonus when you do your first cash back transaction through the App. Which happens immediately because when you set it up it is going to scan your previous purchases from “x” amount of stores shopped during “x” amount of past time and find cash back bonuses for you …. tadah! Poof! Done! Just don’t forget to go into it once a month to see how much cash is there and transfer it over to your Paypal account.
So, if you would like to get some money back and grab that free $5 … follow the link below and sign up for your free Earny account and follow the directions to add it to your Chrome Browser and your mobile device as an App … but do finish the setting up process before you move along and forget it’s there. Otherwise it’s useless and we don’t want that do we. This is all win win. No matter what some money will be found and you will get it back so this is so worth the few minutes time to set up.

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Thank you from the Freebies Frenzy team!