FREE Gift Cards From Bing Rewards: Amazon, Starbucks, Sephora, Dunkin Donuts, Target & More! 

Earn FREE Gift Cards From Bing Rewards: Amazon, Starbucks, Sephora, Dunkin Donuts, Target & More!

Join Bing Rewards and earn credits for searching the web, trying out new features or learning tips and tricks to help you find what you are looking for. Redeem credits for gift cards, donations, and more – it’s free! You’re searching already. Why not get rewarded for it?
Earning credits is easy. Search with Bing on your PC and phone, try new features and take advantage of exclusive offers to see your credits start adding up. Status upgrades allow you to earn even faster. All you have to do is stay signed-in and keep searching with Bing. If you use Microsoft  Edge browser on your PC and phone you actually get an extra bonus from both each month! They try a whole list of ways to give you as much free stuff as possible – and it takes zero work. Just set it up that way and do what you normally do and it earns in the background!
The easiest way to do it is to make sure you are logged into your Bing rewards account and you can set up your browser so your “home” screen  on the browser is Bing instead of the default Google. Same with the search engine  default. Just normal daily searching and use you can easily earn a $5 Gift Card of choice every 2-3 weeks. 2 Gift Cards per month. If you barely go online you can still earn at least 1 Gift card per month easily. And they give you a ton of options of different gift card rewards. They now also have giveaways specific just for Bing Reward members that you can enter.
Another new offer in Bing Rewards: Redeem more with family!
Add family members so that they can start earning great prizes and to share points and great offers!
By creating a Microsoft family, you can create a family calendar to plan events and create a Family Onenote for grocery lists, notes, and more. This is just a new extra you can do if you like.
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