Win a $450 Watercolor Complete Artists Package Collection from Peerless Watercolors – 7/16

Enter to Win a Watercolor Complete Artists Package Collection from Peerless Watercolors worth $450 ending July 16th.

Winner will be chosen at random and contacted via email at the end of the giveaway.
About Peerless Company:
  • We have been around since 1885 and were the first to bring handmade water-color sheets to the water-color community. We still make our paints by hand using the same technique and recipes that we created over 130 years ago!
  • Our paints are carried on our proprietary DryColor sheet and this makes them incredibly portable and convenient! There is no hassle taking them with you, getting ready to paint, or cleaning up!
The Package includes:
  • A signed original painting from Arleesha Yetzer – $130 value
  • “15-minute watercolor masterpieces” by Anna Koliadych – $15 value
  • A Black Velvet 3-piece Brush Set – $45 value
  • A Medium Niji Waterbrush – $10 value
  • A Peerless Watercolors Jane Davenport Palette – $50 value
  • A Niji Flower Petal Mixing Palette –  $5.50 value
  • $100 Gift Card To Sketchbook Co.
  • $100 Gift Card To Peerless Watercolors

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