FREE Canon IVY Back to School Party Pack from Ripple Street

Apply to Request a FREE Canon IVY Back to School Party Pack from Ripple Street.

Ripple Street has a new party hosting product testing opportunity and you can receive an amazing camera set for the FREE Canon IVY Back to School Party Pack Promotion to test out these new products and keep them!
If you are one of the 200 hosts selected and confirmed for the event, you get exclusive items listed below as part of the party pack, plus more!
This event is only open to residents of the contiguous US.
Party will be August 29th, 2020
If you’re selected and confirmed as a host, your exclusive Party Pack will contain:
  • * Canon IVY CLIQ+ Instant Camera Printer
  • * Canon IVY CLIQ Instant Camera Printer
  • * And more
Introduce your teens and/or your friends to the Canon IVY CLIQ+ and Canon IVY CLIQ Instant Camera Printers this season.
  • * Travel sized
  • * Endless fun
  • * Creative expression
  • * #shprinck (shoot + print+ stick) your pictures on your favorite things
party pack

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