FREE ZenWTR at Target + $10

Get a FREE, ZenWTR, at Target and other select stores through Ibotta, plus an additional $10 if you are new to the App!

Right now, the new product ZenWTR can be purchased at Target, Albertson’s or Safeway. Purchase then redeem the full rebate immediately through the App.
You will get a full 100% Cash Back refund + an additional $10 Cash if you are new to Ibotta.
To redeem the new ZenWTR offer from Ibotta, you will need to:
  • first download the Ibotta app or browser extension
  • and click ZenWTR in the App as a potential future purchase.
  • Purchase the item
  • and submit for the Ibotta cashback offer to get it for free!
  • you will receive your rebate(s) immediately into your App account.
If you are NEW to Ibotta, you also get a $10 Cash Bonus for FREE in addition to any rebates added to your account!

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Thank you from the Freebies Frenzy team!