FREE Samples From Gratsy

Sign Up and Join the Gratsy Sample Program, to get boxes of freebies and new product samples from Gratsy, to product test and keep.

Gratsy is a Newer sample program that has become quite popular.
If you search online for samples from Gratsy, you will see hundreds of photos of people’s boxes filled with full sized products and samples for items that are about to be released or recently new!!
They send you boxes of samples based on your interests, and all they ask is that you give them some honest feedback about them.
FREE Samples From Gratsy
As a thank you for your feedback, Gratsy will make a donation to a charity! How wonderful is that.
When you sign up, it is totally free, you never need to give them any payment info. But you must finish the sign-up process and finish your profile, definitely with your shipping address!
They also have a Facebook Community, here is the link. 

About the Company:

The sign up process is easy – we ask you a few questions about yourself to help us match you to samples and offers. We communicate to you through our Gratsy Messenger Bot – its quick and easy!
Sound too good to be true? There is one catch – to remain eligible for future samples and offers, we ask you to provide your feedback on the promotions you receive.
As a thank you, we will make a donation to a charitable organization – we call it “Feedback to Give Back”!
Make sure you sign up to get free samples from Gratsy, so you get the newest promotions as they come out!

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