Guide To Get Free Samples!

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Simple Guide to Get Free Samples in 3 Steps!

Need some help finding great free samples? Your in the right place, we created a 3 step guide to get free samples. We have an ongoing list of great free samples that we update daily to keep you in the loop of all the newest and best freebies! When searching for, “Free Samples” you’ll have access to many websites that list and find freebies. You’re probably thinking, “What makes Freebies Frenzy different from all of the other websites that have free samples and giveaways?” We have a hard-working, dedicated team who work daily to find the best freebies, giveaways, deals, and more to bring to you every single day. We don’t stop there. We make sure to check out each item we list for legitimacy and overall safety for our users.

Free Sample GuideWhy would a Company Give Away Free Samples?

There are many reasons why different companies offer free samples. Most of the time, it will come down to their marketing plans they may have in place. Free samples are a great way to continue to reach new audiences and generate buzz around the product at hand. It also provides a way for customers to be introduced to new products that they may have never heard about before or we’re hesitant to buy in the past. Some companies require a review, following their brand on social media, or nothing but a simple contact form.  We always specify what is needed to receive a freebie. Overall, super simple! Read on to find out about finding freebies just for you!

How do I get started?

It’s so exciting that you’re interested in receiving amazing free samples and using us as your number one place to score these awesome freebies! To get started, check out the list below to see all the ways we can communicate our awesome finds with you!

Guide To Get Free Samples!

  1. Like and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and sign up for our newsletter
  2. Check your email daily or come visit us on our socials to see the best new freebies!
  3. Use the link to our site, then find and use the, “Click Here” to claim an offer from the company giving out the freebie!

Overall, these are all great ways to stay in touch with us and our newest content we make available to you. Another awesome thing you can do is to bookmark our website so it’ll be super easy for you to check back daily to make sure you don’t miss the next best freebie, giveaway, deal, etc!

Getting Your Samples:

Now that you have a handle on how to access all the best new free samples and more from us, let’s get to the fun part! 

Guide To Get Free Samples!

If you find a free sample you’d like to redeem from our Newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, we’ll provide you with a link directing you to a Freebies Frenzy website with all the information about the free sample!

Once you read through all the provided information, below the sample product image will be a link that says, “Click Here”. This will then take you to the company offering the free sample. Then, you’ll be directed through the process of claiming your freebie. Fill out the form and submit it. Keep in mind free samples take an average of 6-8 weeks to arrive by mail.

Guess what!? It’s THAT simple!

Start savings money, time, and test some new cool products by claiming some of the newest freebies! Again, we add new items daily so you’ll never run out of options! We sincerely hope this helped and we’re so happy to be your reliable source for all things, freebies, giveaways, deals, coupons, and more! 

We hope you enjoyed our simple guide to get free samples. Please leave us a comment below with suggestions or let us know what types of free samples you would like us to research and find for you. We love to hear from our fans! What will be the first freebie you claim!?


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