Expired: Crispy Chicken Sandwich Drop At McDonalds!

Crispy Chicken Sandwich Drop At McDonalds

Crispy Chicken Sandwich Drop At McDonalds! 

McDonalds is welcoming a new item to their menu! To celebrate, you can get a limited-edition bundle!


Offer – A $5 limited-edition bundle filled with:

  • A coupon to taste the new Crispy Chicken Sandwich on Feb. 23 which is a day before it officially drops.

  • A hoodie with the sandwich’s slogan “crispyjuicytender” on it.

  • A 7″ vinyl record with an exclusive audio track made by producer Tay Keith.


How To Get Offer

  1. An unknown amount is being given out. It drops at noon Eastern on Thursday, Feb. 18, 2021, so you’ll want to grab yours as fast as possible!

  2. Use the link below to grab yours at the time it starts!


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