Expired: Dollar General Penny List – March 30, 2021

Dollar General Penny List - March 30, 2021

Dollar General Penny list & Clearance– 3/29/2021! 

It’s time to save at Dollar General! We have the full list of what you can grab on sale.

  • Hardware 90% off
  • Calendar’s 90% Off
  • Bendon Floor stand 70% off
  • Red Square Shoes $2
  • Blue & Grey Dot – Fall/Winter Apparel, Shoes, and Accessories take an additional 50% off 3/30/21 – 4/16/21
  • Stationery/ football plates, napkins, etc 70% off
  • OVAL PLATES: UPC 11179393282
  • 9 INCH PLATES: UPC 11179393251
  • 7 INCH PLATES: UPC 11179393244
  • LUNCH NAPKINS: UPC 11179393220
  • TABLE COVER: UPC 11179393237

Be sure to take advantage of all these awesome savings!

REMINDER: Please do not ask Dollar General employees about penny items or call the store. Penny items are discontinued or seasonal items that are supposed to be removed off the sales floor. When the items are not removed we can purchase them for 1 penny.

Items usually stay a penny for 6 months to 2 years, sometimes even longer



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