Target’s NEW Price Match Guarantee For 2021 Holiday Season

Target's NEW Price Match Guarantee

Target’s NEW Price Match Guarantee For 2021 Holiday Season

Ready to get started on your Christmas shopping? Be sure to check out how Target’s NEW Price Match Guarantee can save you tons of stress this holiday season!

The holidays are fast approaching, let the shopping season begin! While this can be both an expensive and stressful time, what if we could give you a tip to potentially help with the, “Expensive” aspect of the season? Read on to find out how to make Target your go-to shopping spot this Christmas.

Have you ever tried getting a jump on your loved one’s holiday wishlist and ended up kicking yourself for not waiting for a better deal? Well, great news! This is your year, because the Target price match guarantee starts early this holiday season.

The new holiday price match guarantee will start Oct. 10 and run through Dec. 24, which Target said is “designed to provide guests with the confidence they’re getting the best deals at Target, no matter when they choose to shop.”

New this year, Target said shoppers can request a price adjustment on all items purchased in the time window if it “lowers the price later in the season.”

You heard that right! Grab your items while you find them, and if they happen to fall to a lower price at a later date, no sweat! You can request a price adjustment. We wish you a stress-free holiday season, and happy shopping!

Source: USA Today