Free Personalized Lamar Billboard for National Pet Month

Free Personalized Lamar Billboard for National Pet Month

National Pet Month is here, and what better way to celebrate your furry friend than with a personalized Lamar Billboard? That’s right, you can now showcase your adorable pet right on the side of a billboard for all to see – for free!

Lamar Advertising is partnering with pet lovers all over the country to celebrate National Pet Month by offering a one-of-a-kind opportunity to feature your pet on a billboard. Imagine your beloved pet’s face capturing the attention of drivers and passersby alike, as they smile and admire the customized billboard just for your furry friend.

The process is simple. All you have to do is register for the promotion, upload a high-quality photo of your pet, and include a fun message or caption. Once your submission is approved, you will receive a date when your pet’s billboard will be displayed for all to see.

But why a billboard, you ask? Well, it’s no secret that pets are a huge part of our lives. They bring us joy, laughter, and a whole lot of love. So why not showcase them in a big way? A billboard is the perfect way to give your pet the recognition they deserve, and what’s more, it’s a great way to show the world just how special they are.

We know that pets come in all shapes and sizes, and that’s why Lamar Advertising is committed to featuring all types of pets on their billboards. From furry felines and playful puppies, to feathered friends and scaly companions – we want to shine a spotlight on all the amazing pets in the world.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and give your pet the chance to be a star! Share the promotion with your fellow pet lovers and let’s make this National Pet Month one to remember.

In conclusion, this promotion is a unique and exciting way to celebrate your pet during National Pet Month. Register now, and give your furry friend the recognition they deserve by having them featured on a personalized billboard. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to showcase your pet to the world!

Claim this great opportunity today.