19 Crimes | Sip Grill Chill Sweepstakes

19 Crimes | Sip Grill Chill Sweepstakes

Title: 19 Crimes | Sip Grill Chill Sweepstakes: Your Chance to Win Big!


Calling all wine lovers and BBQ enthusiasts! Get ready for an exciting opportunity to indulge in the ultimate combination of sipping, grilling, and chilling with 19 Crimes. If you’re looking for a chance to elevate your summer experience, then this is the perfect promotion for you. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds and master the art of pairing wine with mouthwatering flavors. Join us for the 19 Crimes | Sip Grill Chill Sweepstakes and stand a chance to win some incredible prizes!

Uncover the World of 19 Crimes

Before we dive into the sweepstakes details, let’s take a moment to appreciate the rich history behind 19 Crimes. Inspired by the real stories of 19th-century convicts who were banished to Australia, this unique wine brand brings their tales to life. Each bottle features the face of a different outlaw, celebrating their resilience and the spirit of survival against all odds.

19 Crimes offers a wide range of delicious wines that are perfect for every occasion. From bold and robust reds to crisp and refreshing whites, there’s a flavor to suit every palate. With every sip, you’ll be transported to a world full of mystery, intrigue, and exceptional taste.

The 19 Crimes | Sip Grill Chill Sweepstakes Experience

Now, let’s talk about the promotion that you won’t want to miss out on. The 19 Crimes | Sip Grill Chill Sweepstakes is your chance to win big by simply indulging in your favorite wines and grilling up a storm. Whether you’re an experienced griller or a novice, this sweepstakes is open to all.

How to Participate

Participating in the 19 Crimes | Sip Grill Chill Sweepstakes is as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Purchase: Visit your nearest store and pick up a bottle of any 19 Crimes wine.

2. Sip & Grill: Uncork your chosen bottle and enjoy the delightful flavors that 19 Crimes has to offer. Plan a delicious meal, fire up your grill, and let your culinary creativity shine.

3. Register: Head over to our sweepstakes registration page and provide the necessary details. We wouldn’t want you to miss out on your chance to win fantastic prizes!

Prizes Galore!

Now, let’s talk about what you could win. By participating in the 19 Crimes | Sip Grill Chill Sweepstakes, you put yourself in the running to claim some incredible prizes. We’re talking about top-of-the-line grills, professional grilling tools, a year’s supply of 19 Crimes wine, and the ultimate backyard BBQ experience.

Imagine hosting your friends and family for a memorable evening filled with delicious food, perfectly paired wine, and laughter. So, don’t wait any longer; register for the 19 Crimes | Sip Grill Chill Sweepstakes today and turn your backyard into the hottest spot in town!


This summer, don’t miss the opportunity to take your grilling game and wine pairing skills to the next level with 19 Crimes. The Sip Grill Chill Sweepstakes offers you a chance to win some incredible prizes that will make your backyard BBQs the talk of the town. Unleash your culinary creativity, indulge in the rich flavors of 19 Crimes, and let the fun begin!

To join in the excitement and register for the 19 Crimes | Sip Grill Chill Sweepstakes, visit our registration page now. Don’t miss out on the chance to win your own slice of grilling paradise. Get ready to sip, grill, and chill with 19 Crimes!

Claim this great opportunity today.