Free Piece of Fish or Chicken at Long John Silvers

Free Piece of Fish or Chicken at Long John Silvers

Title: Yo ho ho! Avast, mateys! Get ready to score a FREE Piece of Fish or Chicken at Long John Silver’s!

Ahoy there, me hearties! Gather round and listen up, for I’ve got some exciting news to share. Long John Silver’s is back with their wildly popular “Talk Like a Pirate Day,” and it’s happening on September 19th, 2023! This swashbuckling promotion offers you the chance to channel your inner buccaneer and sail away with a delicious treat – a FREE piece of fish or chicken, savvy?

Arriving at any Long John Silver’s location on this special day, you’ll have two options to claim your delectable bounty. The first option is to talk like a true pirate, matey! Brush up on your “arghs,” “mateys,” and “yo ho ho’s” because if you’ve got the pirate lingo down, you can sail away with a complimentary piece of their mouthwatering fish or chicken, straight from the galley!

But for those who are willing to go the extra nautical mile, the second option is sure to shiver your timbers. Gear up and dress like a pirate, from the headscarf atop your noggin to the boot on your foot, and strut into any Long John Silver’s location. Show off your pirate attire, and ye shall be handsomely rewarded with a whole meal of deliciousness that’ll leave your taste buds singing sea shanties for days!

Imagine sinking your teeth into succulent golden fish fillets, flaky and tender, or perhaps indulging in crispy, perfectly seasoned chicken pieces. Pair it with their legendary hush puppies or crispy fries, and you’ve got yourself a true feast fit for a pirate!

But wait – this fantastic adventure doesn’t end there, my buccaneering friends! Long John Silver’s has something extra special in store for you. By registering for this promotion, you’ll not only gain the key to a FREE piece of fish or chicken, but you’ll also unlock exclusive offers, updates, and insider news from Long John Silver’s. Imagine receiving even more booty in the form of future discounts and promotions – it’s a treasure trove of savings!

So, are you ready to embrace the pirate life, my friend? Don your finest pirate attire, brush up on your favorite pirate phrases, and set sail for Long John Silver’s on September 19th, 2023. Remember, whether you choose to talk like a pirate or dress like one, the rewards are aplenty – a FREE piece of fish or chicken awaits you!

But before you embark on this thrilling voyage, make sure to register for this promotion to unlock even more seafaring delights. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to score delicious seafood or poultry and set your course for a world of exclusive offers and insider information from Long John Silver’s.

Hoist the anchor, set your compass to Long John Silver’s, and prepare yourself for a day of pirate-themed fun and a tantalizing treat that’ll have you saying, “Yo ho ho! That’s a treasure worth diving for!”

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