Free Food at LJS When You Talk Like a Pirate! |

Free Food at LJS When You Talk Like a Pirate! |

Ahoy there, mateys!

Shiver me timbers, have we got a treat for you! If you’ve ever fantasized about sailing the high seas, battling formidable foes, and finding hidden treasure, then listen up. We have an exciting promotion that will make you feel like a true buccaneer. Get ready to unleash your inner pirate and enjoy some swashbuckling fun!

Arrr, ye be wondering what this promotion be all about. Well, set your sights on Long John Silver’s because when you talk like a pirate, you’ll be rewarded with FREE food! That’s right, me hearties, it’s time to don your eye patch, sporting your best pirate accent, and enjoy some delicious grub on the house. And to make finding these free goodies even easier, just head over to to discover how to claim your treasure trove of pirate treats!

Now, ye may be wondering why Long John Silver’s has decided to host such a unique and thrilling promotion. Ahoy, it’s all about creating excitement and bringing a sense of adventure to our loyal customers. We believe in celebrating the spirit of piracy, embracing the tales of old and making them come alive. By offering free food to those who talk like a pirate, we are fostering a sense of camaraderie and encouraging our customers to unleash their playful side.

Picture this, me hearties: you’re standing in line at Long John Silver’s, waiting to order your favorite fish and chips, and suddenly you hear someone ordering in a pirate accent. Aarrr, it’s like you’ve been transported to a different world, a world where adventure awaits at every corner. The atmosphere becomes electric, and everyone can’t help but join in the fun.

But let’s not forget, mateys, the most important part – the free food! Just imagine sinking your teeth into a mouthwatering piece of crispy fish, or savoring the taste of our famous hush puppies, all for the low price of talking like a pirate. Aarrr, it’s a pirate’s dream come true! So, gather your crew, set sail for Long John Silver’s, and prepare yourselves for an epic feast.

Now, ye may be wonderin’ how to claim this booty. Well, it’s as simple as can be! Just head over to and discover all the details on how to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime promotion. We’ve made it easy for ye to find all the information yer heart desires, so ye can start talking like a pirate and enjoy some free treats from Long John Silver’s.

So, me hearties, don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to embrace your pirate persona and indulge in some delectable free food. It’s time to let loose, have some fun, and make memories that’ll last a lifetime. Remember, the more pirates, the merrier, so spread the word to yer crew and get ready for a feast fit for the high seas.

Visit to embark on this swashbucklin’ adventure and discover how you can talk like a pirate to claim your free food at Long John Silver’s. Aarrr, don’t wait too long – this promotion won’t last forever!

Yo ho ho, register today me hearties and set sail on this gastronomic pirate escapade. Bon appétit, me mateys!

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