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  • Rachael Lord

    I like coupons

  • Maya TheBee

    I like printable coupons more )

  • Asdtfghj Dmrvgfy

    i can only get coupons through snail would be nice to see a blog that focuses on us who are without printers.

    • sarsinthecars

      My printer is glitchy… I’d like to see more snail mail coupons as well! :/

  • cool

    coupons are great

  • meee

    i need to start eating healthy…bring on the coupons lol

  • Lina Robinson


  • kitty

    nice that they have coupons

  • STacy Seigel


  • chrerly

    i must be doing something wrong because i can not get through to get my coupons or free samples can you help me

    • Robyn Drangel

      me too. help

      • sara jalbert

        hey somebody erased my question???

  • Louise Johnson


  • Mandy T

    I print out coupons like it’s nobody’s business… I barely have room for the ones that I have although I do clip ones out of the Sunday paper. I thought about employing a clipping service but that just seems like such a hassle, not to mention that I live in a rural area so taking advantage of sales is limited to Wal-Mart, Rite Aid and 2 grocery stores. I live so far away that Wal-Mart wont ad match some competitors ads. I save a ton with my printables alone, though – enough for my family of 4 and I even get to stock up on some things, too =)

  • Louise Johnson

    I can never keep black ink cartridges full from printing coupons. I actually paid a little over $17 for $94 worth of groceries.

    • Brooke Ashley Fowler

      That’s AWESOME!

  • Christy

    This may help me out being my printer doesn’t work. Thanks.

  • Michelle Ferrari-Johnson

    Thank you for the coupons. I love using them to save money

  • tbrjjt87

    I use coupons more then I did before.

  • Jean

    I:ve had e-mails from you for a long time and have never received anything.Could you tell me how?

  • Haley


  • adriana

    How do I get coupons send to my house ..?
    I really need to save money I have no job and I have 4 kid’s plz send me coupons they help alto

  • krishna

    use official sites and apps for coupons..


    Retailmenot coupons

    reatail me or not

  • Jaqerius Johnson


  • Amy

    These coupons are pretty awesome!!!

  • kat2kids

    I love free stuff especially with aspecial needs child

  • kim

    It’s an exercise in frustration – when you click on the coupons buy mail, it links you to a site where you need to enter your credit card to get the coupons. so much for free


    I need some fuckingcoupons

  • Tracy Pickard

    Anyone know how to earn or redeem or find out the REWARDS for freebie frenzy

  • sara jalbert

    HELP I click “get my coupons” then it says “this coupon must be printed from your computer email coupon to print later” I click, i’ve send it to myself… when i click on the link, it sends me right back to “this coupon must be printed from your computer email coupon to print later”

    ANYONE had this problem ? what am i doing wrong ? thanks

  • Berlinda Briggs

    I se a lot of copons

  • Kathy Schaffer

    i love to use coupons,

  • Pauline Navarro

    pch pauline Navarro