Show Your Free Stuff

Isn’t getting free stuff cool?

Show off your freebies, free samples, and other items you’ve gotten here with pride!

Simply upload your photo of anything you’ve gotten for free by doing so in the comment box below.

Its a great way to show others what kind of freebies are available. So the next time you get those free items in the mail, snap a quick pic of them to show off the freebie community.

You get great rewards points as well for making a post!

  • Angela Petersen

    Hey, I got a sample of Finish dishwashing paks & they worked great! Now I have to buy some! I’m still waiting for other Freebies that were requested. Thanks!

  • Sherlyn Rose Jastillana Guyago

    TODAY, i got my free personalized mouse pad from cowcow! :)

    • tbrjjt87

      Nice! Beautiful babies.

      • Sherlyn Rose Jastillana Guyago

        thank you. :)

  • Erika Cisneros

    i’m starting to get them every other day 😀 so exciting!
    I’ve also gotten a couple of perfume samples and a yarn bracelet

  • Sherlyn Rose Jastillana Guyago

    checking freebie sites has became my routine and i always receive free stuff in the mail. i usually dont brag about it cause usually i receive simple stuffs and little sample packs. but i guess this time it’s worth bragging. i receive just 2 box – both filled with lots of goodies. the first one is from HHMI biointeractive. omygosh! i feel like im going to become a scientist or something with these DVDs and booklets from the first box! last month, i found this website that offers this crazy awesome stuff for free. at first i didn’t believe it but i told myself that it will not hurt to try. i gave it a shot. 2 weeks later, no DVDs came. i said to myself. oh, its ok. as long as i didnt pay for the item that didnt came. and now here it is. i cnt believe i got all of these stuff for free. i check my account on their site and my online banking if they charge me for shipping and handling fees since it was written on the box. but i didnt get charged! maybe they cover the shipping too. well, even if they did charge me for $10+ shipping it would still be fine… these is way too much. thanks freebiefrenzy for always updating us.

  • Sherlyn Rose Jastillana Guyago

    oh, sorry for bragging it too much… im just too thankful for what im recieving :) today was my mail box’s happiest day :) here is what’s inside the second box. it’s fromk enfamil. <3

  • Sherlyn Rose Jastillana Guyago

    this is whatr i accumulated for this month. they are way too much!

    • Guest


  • karla

    Thank you thank you I just got my freebies :)

  • brenda

    how do see how many points i have

  • Kaitlynn G.steen

    I’m always so excited about my freebies that I forget to take pictures! Grr!

  • Roxanne Smith

    i didn’t think the freebies were true. Until a friend told me to search and read. i found your website. Love it. Been 2 years now collecting and sharing..Thank you freebies frenzy. Awesome job.

  • Carla Elrod

    i have done this so many times and still have not gotten nothing…why????