Free Chocolate Sample from Gimi Chocolate
January 27, 2013 Food & Grocery

Who doesn’t like chocolate? Get a free rich creamy all natural chocolate sample available in dark and milk kinds. Each one has a different level of cocoa as noted on their site.

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To get this particular freebie, you must click on the link above “See More Info” that will direct you to the actual page where you can claim the free offer. We do not provide the freebies directly as we only direct you to them outside of our site. Please note that due to the high demand for most free samples, the quantities are extremely limited. We cannot guarantee that each freebie will be available to you.

Free samples are the best way to take advantage of trying out new products before buying them.

  • Samantha

    Would love to try the free sample of chocolate thank you!

  • Debbie

    Would love the chocolate sample!

  • susan

    mmmmm chocolate, would love to try sample

  • Rachel Hanna

    Seriously, I will say it again. The links go nowhere! This is one of the worse so called FREEBEE sites on the internet. So tired of clicking bogus links that want to know all about you. They have all the information already.

    • Tonya

      It does work if you go to their website directly. Find the freebies here and log into each site on like google or whom ever ur seach engine is and then go get ur free samples. I just got my free Gimi Chocolate well in 4 to 6 weeks any way lol

      • freebiesfrenzymod

        Well said Tonya!

  • Gwinna Ann Masterson-Mcwilliam

    the links are not working

  • Dar

    Please send. Thanks

  • Tammy Loretta Buckner

    Yum send mine

  • Jennifer

    Sample please

  • Angela Petersen

    @ Rachel-I just signed up with no problem-all I did was click See More Info just below the description and it brought me to the form. R U doing it right?

  • sherry

    Love to try!!!

  • JBeale


  • JBeale

    Sounds good

  • Backyardtarpon

    I don’t understand why so many of you are having an issue with the link not working. Are you clicking on the link that says “SEE MORE INFO” that’s located about 4 inches below the sample title? I have never had an issue with links not working, and more times than not I always get the sample.

    • freebiesfrenzymod

      Thanks for that as it’s obviously only isolated to some people that aren’t taking the correct steps or trying from a mobile phone that may not work.

  • Starr Hyde

    i order mine with no problem

  • pam smith

    I would like sample thanks

  • Julia Epati

    luv to have some

  • Julia Epati

    luv to have some

  • disqus_KhJXvZEEDY

    Sample please

  • cecila thomas

    Free sample please

  • Anna Marie

    you have to click on the links that take you to the sites that are oofering the samples,leaving a comment here and asking for one does not get it have to go to the brand that makes the product and put in you mailing address for them to know to send it,i get samples in the mail everyday no problems at all

  • beyancey

    Free sample ple

  • genius

    MMMM just ordered mine :-) Thanks!

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