FREE DNA Test Kit & Results

by Freebies Frenzy on December 10, 2017

FREE DNA Test Kit & Results
Have you always wanted to try one of those DNA tests that tells you about your ancestry like 23andMe? Well now you can, for FREE. There is a program called Genes for Good that is run by the University of Michigan and they are giving people free DNA kits for answering surveys! The scientists there are trying to discover new links between certain genetic variants, health, and disease.
You have to fill out 35 health surveys to qualify for a free kit (it’s completely free.) Once you complete enough of their health surveys they will mail you a spit kit free of charge and they even pay for the return shipping. Once you mail it back, it takes about 2 months for your DNA data to come back. (A long time I know….but hey…it’s free!)
They will give you your ancestry based on these continental categories: Sub-Saharan African, European, Middle Eastern/North African, Central/South Asia, East Asian, Native American, Oceania.
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