FREE Slurpee at 7-Eleven Today!!

by Freebies Frenzy on July 11, 2018

FREE Slurpee at 7-Eleven Today!!
On Wednesday, July 11 get a Free Small Slurpee Drink at 7-Eleven from 11AM to 7PM.
  • breann dixon

    So I kayaked all the way to the 7-11 in Oakland CA , the one by the Fruitvale Bridge for my free slurpee and to my dismay the clerk had just finished putting out of order signs up on all the machines even though they were working just fine. He claimed to have ran out of small cups but another disappointed patron informed us that he had taken all the small cups away to the back. So you could buy a larger sized slurpee if you wanted but the free ones were out of order. What a slurpee grinch!
    Thanks I needed to vent.

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