Netflix Hack Let’s You Watch Programs With Your Friends! 

There is a Netflix Hack that will let you stream and watch any Netflix program with your friends, even if they do not have a Netflix Subscription.

Netflix watch parties can be done now through a Chrome Extension, that is now going viral due to Social Distancing and the Coronavirus. You set up a Netflix program through this extension, Netflix Party, and then send a link to your friends to join. You can then watch the programs and chat at the same time. And this allows multiple people to join in at once. Not just one or two.
To use Netflix Party, after it’s been downloaded all the app user needs to do is choose a Netflix program, then click the Party icon and send friends their generated link so they can access it as well. The way it works is the app synchronizes video playback and adds group chat to your favorite shows.
According to the site, this is also in HD so you stay exactly in sync while watching and it has fast buffering. So it isn’t choppy quality. And this is all free.
Have Fun! And even if you don’t want to watch something … if you have a friend or loved one who wants to binge watch a series on Netflix but doesn’t subscribe – hey, just set it up so they can join and minimize it so they have have a viewing party of one! ?
If you have chromecast capabilities on your phone or laptop/PC you can even cast it onto your TV to view on a large screen. Casting is free, just google it to get instructions on how to do it. This is getting creative and using multiple apps/services at once. Which can always be done. Just giving you guys extra ideas for maximum comfort.

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