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  • Sandy Murphy

    Can you mail my freebys to me I havent received anything yet I would like you to send them to me in the mail.

    • http://twitter.com/Ducky7290 Erika Cisneros

      you fill things out on separate sites to get your freebies, this site is nice enough to make a list of things so you can order your freebies and don’t have to go looking for them

  • Lucy

    Is this for Canada, the US or both?

    • jess

      ?? id like to know too

  • Sharon

    How do I unsubscribe? I don’t have all day to do surveys in order to get a “free” sample. If the sample is free why would I have to pay shipping? Some of the full-size products cost close to the shipping cost for a sample.

    • jess


  • Serge

    How do I unsubscribe ?

  • nancy wells

    i love getting on freebies,you are getting to the point you wont take my email add.please tell me what i am doing wrong,dont invalid mean my email add?nancywells1946@comcast.net,but you wont take my email when i sign in,thank you nancywells1946@comcast.net

  • Jakia H

    Create a rule that throw any email from this site in the trash

  • Elisabeth

    I love it

  • Lin

    agree with sharon

  • Linda Wasson

    How do I unsubscribe??? I have never gotten a thing from Freebies Frenzy

    • Sikka

      I don’t think they send you stuff. The provide you with links to companies that are giving away free stuff.

  • Tracy

    I see questions but no answers… I to am wondering, I’d this is for Canadians as well. I think that it’s predominantly U. S. A……..people?

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    Thanks, Mary Ann

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