How do I get my free samples?

It’s real simple in getting freebies.

1. The first thing you should do is sign up to our free newsletter because you will be alerted when new samples pop up and you’ll be the first to know. Because many companies have extremely limited quantities in their free samples, it’s best to take action immediately when new samples come up.

2. Once you get our email or see a post on our website about a free sample, click on the link for that particular sample you are interested in and follow the instructions on the site to complete your request. In most cases you will need to submit your information such as address for shipping, like a company on facebook, take a survey, etc. Each company that offers the free samples has their own requirements in getting the sample, so just complete the requested action.

3. Wait for your samples to arrive in the mail!

When will I get my free samples?

You should be able to find this information on the page after you complete the request for your free sample.  Typically it will take 4-8 weeks to process your free sample request because more times than not companies are processing thousands of requests all at once.

How many free samples can I get?

There’s no limit in the amount of free samples you get unless noted by a specific company offering the free sample.  Since we post many different samples from all kinds of companies, you can apply for them all with no restrictions most of the time.

How can companies afford to give away free samples?

Companies and brands do this for promotion, free publicity, viral social media, etc. so it’s a win-win situation.  The brands get lots of awareness and feedback of their products and the consumer gets it free.  They want the real truth about the products, so it’s cool if you do send them feedback on the sample you get.

Does your site actually give away free samples?

YES!  Unlike 99% of the freebie sites out there, we do give away free samples to our loyal newsletter subscribers!  We think its cool to give exclusive samples to our fellow users because it creates a good following for us and more perks and samples for you!  We typically will give away free samples to you from our site either weekly or monthly.  Check out our site for further details about this.

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What if I didn’t get the email once I signed up?

Sometimes messages mistakenly get placed in your Spam or Junk Folder, so check those folders in your email program. Then be sure to add our email address to your safe senders list so you will be sure to get our freebie emails. To learn how to add our email address to your safe senders list see this article.

The links in your emails are not working or I get a 404 error.

This will happen if you unsubscribed to our newsletter. To subscribe again, just go to our home page on the top right and enter in your info again.

How do I update my email address or unsubscribe from your emails if I don’t want them anymore?

It’s real simple, as there is a manage your email and unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email you receive from us. Click on either link to take the appropriate action.

Do you have freebies available in Canada?

YES! For our Canadians, we have a site with all Canada free stuff which you can see here.

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Thank you from the Freebies Frenzy team!