How to get Free Epipen Carrying Case 20

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Alright on to how to Get FREE EpiPen Carrying Cases!! If you use them you can request a FREE case. Just register your 2-Pak® cartons and/or Jr 2-Pak® cartons and they will send you expiration reminders and a complimentary carrying case! (Limit 6 per user.)

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How to get Free Epipen

There are also more freebies. Check out the items right now, just by registering:

How to get Free Epipen
Waistpack – waistpacks are designed to hold your EpiPen® Auto-Injector and keep it close at hand. Choose one of three designs: plain black, race car, or butterfly.
How to get Free Epipen
Training Kit – Each kit contains a guide to getting started with EpiPen® and an EpiPen® Training Device to help you, family, and friends learn how to use EpiPen®.
How to get Free Epipen
Organization Kit – Each kit contains bilingual instruction sheets, an educational poster, and an EpiPen® Training Device to help your organization prepare for severe allergic emergencies.

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