How to get Free Ice Cream in 2020

Below you will find some hints on how to get free ice cream from various locations throughout the year.

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How to get Free Ice Cream

Alright, now on to the good stuff.. or sweet…. or sometimes salty free ice cream!

Baskin Robins Birthday Club

Looking for some free ice cream on your birthday deals? Baskin-Robbins through they loyalty program does this!

You will receive an email for a free ice cream on your birthday five days before the big day. Just simply fill out the form with your information to Sign-up and become a Baskin-Robbins member. You’ll also receive a discount on a birthday cake. Plus a BOGO scoop offer when you sign up and additional offers all year long!

How to get Free Ice Cream in 2020

How to get Free Ice Cream? Check out Dairy Queen’s Cone Day!

March of each year seems to be the time when Dairy Queen offers free ice cream. It is one per customer and you will receive a free small vanilla soft-serve cone.

Haagen-Dazs Free Ice Cream

Spring of each year is when Haagen-Dazs hosts a free ice cream cone day. It is a kiddie scoop but whatever, it’s Free!

Right now Haagen-Dazs is hosting an instant win game for thousands of prizes >> check it out here!

How to get Free Ice Cream in 2020

Free Cone day Ben and Jerry’s

This has been postponed for 2020, but typically since 1979 you can get free ice cream (single scoop, in any flavor) in March or April of each year.

Free Mcdonald’s Ice Cream

On National Ice Cream day each year you can get a free ice cream at McDonald’s. Just download the app and redeem your free ice cream.

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