Kona Big Wave Acts of Aloha Sweepstakes

Kona Big Wave Acts of Aloha Sweepstakes

Kona Brewing Company, known for their delicious beers and Hawaiian roots, is excited to bring you their newest promotion: the Kona Big Wave Acts of Aloha Sweepstakes. This sweepstakes is all about spreading the aloha spirit – a concept that encompasses love, compassion, and unity – and giving back to the community.

One lucky winner will receive an amazing prize package including a trip for two to Hawaii. The package includes airfare, accommodations at a luxury resort, and a private surfing lesson! That’s not all, though. The winner will also get to take part in a volunteer activity with a local non-profit organization during their stay. What better way to give back while enjoying a fantastic vacation?

To enter the sweepstakes, simply visit the Kona Brewing Company website and fill out the entry form. You can also earn bonus entries by sharing the sweepstakes on social media or by signing up to receive Kona’s newsletter.

But the Kona Big Wave Acts of Aloha Sweepstakes isn’t just about winning a prize. It’s also about encouraging people to perform their own Acts of Aloha and spread love and kindness in their own communities. To inspire others, Kona is featuring stories of people doing just that on their website and social media channels.

These Acts of Aloha can be small or large – it doesn’t matter. What matters is showing compassion and love towards others. Whether it’s volunteering at a local charity, helping a neighbor in need, or simply spreading positivity on social media, everyone can take part and make a difference. And who knows, your Acts of Aloha could be the inspiration someone else needs to perform their own act of kindness.

So, what are you waiting for? Enter the Kona Big Wave Acts of Aloha Sweepstakes and start spreading the aloha spirit in your community today. And don’t forget to share your Acts of Aloha with Kona Brewing Company using the hashtag #ActsOfAloha. Together, we can make the world a better place, one Act of Aloha at a time.

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