FREE Personal Pan Pizzas from Pizza Hut Restaurants!

FREE Personal Pan Pizzas from Pizza Hut Restaurants!

Title: Unlock the Magic of Reading with Pizza Hut Book It!


Are you ready to embark on a delicious adventure that combines the love for reading and the scrumptious taste of Pizza Hut? Look no further! We are thrilled to announce the Pizza Hut Book It! program, a fantastic opportunity for students in kindergarten through 6th grade to earn a free, one-topping Personal Pan Pizza®. Join us as we delve into the wonders of this program and how your child can benefit from it.

The Power of Reading:

Reading is a magical gateway that unlocks countless possibilities for personal growth, imagination, and knowledge. At Pizza Hut, we understand the profound impact reading can have on a child’s development. By fostering a love for reading at an early age, children not only expand their vocabulary and comprehension skills, but they also become adults who think critically and creatively.

Introducing Pizza Hut Book It!:

The Pizza Hut Book It! program is an incredible initiative designed to encourage and reward students for their reading achievements. Students who meet the designated reading requirements can earn a Reading Award Certificate, redeemable for a mouthwatering, one-topping Personal Pan Pizza® from any Pizza Hut restaurant. It’s a win-win situation where learning and enjoying a delicious pizza go hand in hand!

How It Works:

Signing up for Pizza Hut Book It! is simple and straightforward. Teachers can register their classrooms and set monthly reading goals for their students. Students who accomplish these goals are eligible to receive a Reading Award Certificate, celebrating their reading achievements and entitling them to a free Personal Pan Pizza® as a tasty reward for their hard work.

The Benefits of Pizza Hut Book It!:

1. Incentive for Reading: The program provides a fun and exciting incentive for kids to pick up books and discover the joy of reading. By aiming to achieve the monthly reading goals, children develop a sense of accomplishment and pride in their reading abilities.

2. Food for Thought: A delicious Personal Pan Pizza® acts as a tangible reward that reinforces the positive connection between reading and enjoyment. It motivates students to continually pursue their reading goals and cultivate a lifelong love for books.

3. Community Involvement: Pizza Hut Book It! encourages a sense of community and collaboration. By participating in the program, students join a nationwide network of young readers, fostering a love for reading and a sense of camaraderie among their peers.

Register Now:

Ready to embark on this exciting literary adventure with Pizza Hut? Join the Pizza Hut Book It! program and help your child build a strong foundation for success. Register today and unlock the limitless potential that reading can offer!


Pizza Hut Book It! presents an extraordinary opportunity to combine the love for reading with the delectable taste of Pizza Hut’s Personal Pan Pizza®. By participating in this program, students not only earn a free pizza but also cultivate a lifelong passion for reading. Embrace the power of literacy and treat your child to a tasty reward. Register for Pizza Hut Book It! today and empower your child with the gift of knowledge and pizza!

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