Dunkin’ Free Coffee for Educators [10/5 ONLY]

Dunkin’ Free Coffee for Educators [10/5 ONLY]

Title: Celebrate World Teachers’ Day: Dunkin’ Offers Free Coffee to Educators!


In honor of World Teachers’ Day on October 5, Dunkin’ is extending its gratitude to educators across the nation. We recognize the incredible dedication and hard work that teachers, professors, and all educators put into shaping the lives of our students. As a token of our appreciation, Dunkin’ is delighted to offer all educators a FREE Medium Hot or Iced Coffee* at participating Dunkin’ restaurants nationwide. Read on to discover more about this exciting opportunity and how you can participate!

A Tribute to Educators:

Teachers play a vital role in our society, serving as a beacon of knowledge, inspiration, and guidance for generations to come. Their unwavering commitment to academic excellence and genuine care for their students deserve recognition and support. At Dunkin’, we understand the importance of educators’ role in shaping better futures and are proud to stand behind them.

The Gift of Free Coffee:

On October 5, Dunkin’ will be offering all educators a complimentary Medium Hot or Iced Coffee at any participating Dunkin’ restaurant across the country. This special offer extends to all educators, from pre-school teachers nurturing young minds to college professors enlightening young adults.

How to Participate:

Participating in this promotion couldn’t be simpler. No purchase or ID is required – simply visit any Dunkin’ restaurant on October 5 and show your appreciation for educators by redeeming your FREE Medium Hot or Iced Coffee*. It’s our way of saying thank you for the positive impact you make in our society every day.

Celebrate with Dunkin’:

At Dunkin’, we believe that small gestures can make a big impact. By offering a free cup of coffee, we hope to brighten the day of educators as they continue to shape young minds and inspire future leaders. As a company that is passionate about supporting our communities, we are thrilled to extend this special offer to educators nationwide.

Share the Love:

Educators carry an enormous responsibility, and it’s important for us as a society to express gratitude for their dedication. We encourage everyone to spread the word about this exciting promotion among friends, family, and colleagues, ensuring that all deserving educators can benefit from this token of appreciation.


It’s time to mark October 5 on your calendar and join Dunkin’ in celebrating World Teachers’ Day! Take a moment to indulge in your favorite Dunkin’ hot or iced coffee absolutely FREE. Visit any participating Dunkin’ restaurant and show your appreciation to educators by redeeming your complimentary Medium Hot or Iced Coffee*.

At Dunkin’, we believe that a small token of gratitude can make a big difference. Join us in honoring educators on this special day, and don’t forget to invite your educator friends and loved ones to enjoy this free treat as well!

**Terms and conditions may apply.

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