TD Bank Gives Account Holders Class Action Lawsuit Settlements for Overdraft Fee Past Abuses  …. Check Your Accounts! April 2020 Reimbursement!

Right now, due to a number of class action lawsuit settlements against TD Bank (and other banks), for their unlawful abuse of hitting account holders with too many overdraft fees beyond excess over the years …. people are now getting cash payments posted to their accounts.

Go ahead … we can wait. Go check your bank account.
This week, while doing a quick check of my online bank account I saw the words “TD Bank Overdraft” and “$105”.  I will admit, my first thought was somehow something terrible happened and my account is now in the minus numbers and I’m getting hit with 3 overdraft fees at once … oh my gawd feel the panic attack come on ….
But I was wrong.  I frantically pulled up my bank account and …. I had a plus $105 with the line item saying “TD Bank Class Action Lawsuit Settlement”. Wow. Ok. Well, damn. Put a check in the “something good” column for this month. I know we all need more of those.
I think we all can understand that feeling – you know that wonderful feeling of possible stress drain that can happen when you first think you lost a bunch of money to bank fees (or something else) but then you didn’t! You actually got money back! It’s up there with runner’s high. Trust me on this.
So I did some research this morning. Typically any class action lawsuit I come across, that I am eligible for mind you, I sign up for. They do and will take forever.
So I do them knowing it’s best just to forget them and feel like Christmas morning when I get that awesome check in the mail for $xx.xx from “name that company” for some weird label misdirection or bad advertising they did — etc etc.
And besides, you only ever really see the few dollars that you actually get after its broken down and sent to millions and millions of people.  Someone saying “$250 million zillion dollar settlement” is impressive before you remember that whatever company only sold to every person in creation 10x over.
So actually getting the amount equal to what 3 bank fees are ($105 = $35 fee x 3) back is still a shock. A welcome shock. Class action lawsuit (CAL) settlement reimbursements – repayments – payments … you name it – are the best freebies of 2020 in my opinion.
Important Resources:
Here are some great articles and resources talking about the lawsuit(s) and what happened in this specific case. Mind you … this is just for TD Bank in the articles related to TD Bank.
Also are listed resources for CAL’s in general – I advice everyone to do some sleuthing online and check your own bank accounts and see if other banks went through similar and if you are due any payments. Hey … all money is good money right now.
It is always a good feeling when consumers get what is deserved back, and companies that do something wrong are held accountable for bad behavior. The system does work when worked right!
This is why, in the list above, I included the information to help research this specific TD Bank Overdraft fee lawsuit … but ALSO all the places to check out active and potential ones from anything and everything we spend money on these days.
It doesn’t hurt to poke around and see if you are eligible for monies from other companies.  If you find something juicy … do share. Just post as a response on our Facebook Page – where this will be posted of course. And share!
Hopefully, this brings some good news to you. It seems most people did not need to previously do anything (like sign up for this repayment) and the money was just sent to them as an automatic part of the lawsuit.
Definitely share this so people you know can also check! Getting over a hundred is the best couch cushions change find for this week! Right up there with the Coronavirus Stimulus Checks. Which I hope many of you got …
I got my stimulus check a week later (4/15). Most of them went out on 4/8.  And I so stress hustled my booty and got my tax refund sent in electronically late in March hoping it was fast enough. It was! Not too bad even with them working backlogged and delayed and likely short-staffed. So if you are still waiting – make sure you read the stimulus check article I linked a few lines up … it will help.
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