Title: Get Your Memories on Paper: 10 FREE 4×6 Prints + Free Shipping!


Are you tired of keeping your precious memories stored on your phone or computer? Do you long for the nostalgic feeling of holding your favorite photos in your hands? Look no further, because we have an incredible offer just for you! The Freebie Guy® presents a limited-time promotion: 10 FREE 4×6 prints, along with free shipping. But that’s not all – you can even get up to 85 4×6 prints per month! Let’s dive into the details, shall we?

Step 1: Download “FreePrints – Print Photos” on the App Store

The first step to claiming your 10 FREE 4×6 prints is to download the user-friendly “FreePrints – Print Photos” app from the App Store. Simply search for the app, click download, and wait for it to install on your device. With over millions of downloads and excellent user ratings, you can trust that you’ll have an amazing experience with this app.

Step 2: Sign Up & Sign In

Once the app is downloaded, it’s time to sign up and create your account. Fortunately, the registration process is quick and easy. Simply follow the app’s instructions, fill in your details, and voila – you’re one step closer to having your treasured memories in your hands!

Step 3: Select 10 Photos

Now comes the exciting part – selecting the 10 photos that you want to turn into beautiful 4×6 prints. Browse through your photo library and choose the images that evoke joyful moments, special occasions, or memorable trips. Whether it’s a stunning landscape, a hilarious candid shot, or a heartwarming family photo, select the images that make your heart smile.

Step 4: Checkout & Pay $0.00

You might be wondering, “What’s the catch?” Well, there isn’t one! The best part about this promotion is that you don’t have to pay a dime for your 10 4×6 prints. At checkout, your total will be $0.00, making this offer absolutely free! Just imagine the joy you’ll feel when those beautiful prints arrive at your doorstep, completely cost-free.


With our 10 FREE 4×6 prints + free shipping promotion, you have the opportunity to relive your favorite moments in a tangible and meaningful way. Make those precious memories come to life, instead of letting them be forgotten in the digital abyss. Whether you’re looking to create a photo display, share them with loved ones, or start a scrapbook, this promotion is the perfect stepping stone.

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