FREE Protective Masks for Health Care Workers’ Materials at JOANN Fabrics

Get a FREE Protective Mask for Healthcare Workers materials kit at JOANN Fabrics with tutorials and Finished kit drop off!

JOANN Fabrics have created kits of materials and instructions on how to make the Protective Masks for our Healthcare workers. You can pitch in and help out by picking one up at their locations, outside,  to take home and make and then drop them back off so they can be donated to Healthcare facilities and hospitals. If you have a sewing machine and a little free time – this would be a great way to help out!  

They have included instructions, video tutorials, a pick up and drop off that is outside the store. And the kits have pieces of fabric, elastic and other necessary materials to sew together. As of right now they still are holding classes in-store on how to make the masks in addition to the video tutorials. Not sure how long these will go on for.   You can visit the JOANN Fabrics website to view the online tutorial on how to make the masks.  

Right now, there is a 10 year old girl in the Boston area, who is sewing face masks herself – a few dozen so far and counting – and donating them to local nurses. After this hit the news we saw a bunch of the online tutorials go up and now JOANNs is offering these great free kits. So if you have time at home or have kid(s) old enough … it’s not a bad idea to try this out to help out!  

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